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.:This language/dialect/writing-system is, as of yet, uncompleted, and, therefore, all of the information in this article is subject to warningless change:.

Spoken in Mahuset
Total speakers 1
Language family ILU Language Family
  • Mahusetoni-Radoni Languages
    • Mahusetan
      • Cefi
Writing system Cefo Alphabet
Language type Constructed Language
Regulated by Mahuset

Cefi (Κεφi) is a constructed language currently in development in Mahuset


A α as in the Italian word gattino (kitten)

B β as the two letters Ba

K k as in the English word circus

D δ as in the English word day

E e as in the letter A

ʃ as in the Dutch word fop (joke)

ʝ as in the Italian word gattino (kitten)

H η as in the English last name Hardy

I i as in the Italian word Ciao

J ξ as in the Dutch name Jeroen

K k as in the English word Kitten

L l as in the Danish name Lego

M / as in the English verb Gaming

N v  as in the English word No

O u as in the Italian river Po

P p as the letter P

R r as in the English word Rain

S s as in the Dutch tv channel Zapp

U u as in the English word You

Y y as in the English last name Hardy


Mahusetan English Cefi
Ciaola sa Adioss Hello and Bye Kiαulα sa Aδiuss
Longania Mahusetoni Mahusetan Language /uvʃ Mαηu
Ciaola, iomi som gatinno Hello, i like kittens Kiαulα, iu/ su/ ʝuivu

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