Cerdania is a micronation in Montreal, Canada that claims a peninsula on the lachine canal with an area of half an acre. The country is home to the Bay of Sano.


Cerdania has had a few schisms during its existence. Inhabitants originally practiced the native religion of the founders of Cerdania, until they were converted to Mandaeism by Mandaean pilgrims.

When Blue Toadist pilgrims arrived in Cerdania from the southwest, Cerdanians were converted to Blue Toadism, which remains the official religion to this day.

Cerdanians are similar to ancient Mongolians. The Mongolians tried several religions before accepting Buddhism as their official religion. Cerdania did this too.


The government is now similar to the government of the colony of Upper and Lower Canada from 1763 to 1867. There is a governor general (Esteban Di Piedra) who is the leader. He decides if a law is passed or not. There is also a national assembly. The assembly is composed only of three people. The secretary of diplomacy and military, the secretary of culture and religion, and the secretary of economics and research. Every four years, a new governor may be elected. If the people keep voting for them, a governor general can have infinite terms until their death or if they no longer want to be governor.

List of members of the National Assembly

  • Agoston Nemeth - Secretary of diplomacy and military
  • Ernesto Justinian - Secretary of economics and science
  • Adrian Perez - Secretary of culture and religion

Bay of Sano

The Bay of Sano is located in north-eastern Cerdania. It has an area of 247 meters. The water of the bay comes from the Lachine Canal, a canal where the Cerdanian peninsula is located. The water comes from the St. Lawrence River, which comes from the Bay of St. Lawrence, which comes from the Atlantic Ocean. The water is deemed non-potable, and unfit for bathing, for steamboats have passed through the canal for many years. Cerdanians get their water from outside the country.

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