Charlotte Springs

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Population: 2,975
Settled: 1850, 1880s (became part of the Cockatiel Empire in 2011)
Other Name Frostproof
Time Zone EDT/EST

Charlotte Springs (Can be known as Frostproof) is a city in the Cockatiel Empire. It is the capital of the State of Vice. It has a population of 2,975 citizens (unregistered). It became part of the Cockatiel Empire in 2011, when the nation was first started.


Charlotte Springs was first settled around 1850. Like most cities in the region, it was set up as a fort. The fort was named Fort Clinch. Months later, the settlement was abandoned. By the 1880s, Charlotte Springs was starting to see its first permanent settlers, as the region had abundant hunting in the area which included much deer and turkey, as well as fishing.

The previous name "Frostproof" was a marketing tool to convince settlers that the area has never seen, nor will ever experience, frost that could destroy the citrus-driven economy. However, a couple years later, a large frost killed most of the citrus in Frostproof. The name before Frostproof was Keystone City. However, after being confused with Keystone Heights in North Florida, Frostproof was used.

In August 27, 2011, Frostproof was put under Cockatiel Empire control. President Anthony Smith (FCP) decided that the name needed to be changed and so the name Charlotte Springs was given after a friend came up with the name. Frostproof can still be used to refer to the Southern Cockatiel Empire town.