Chaseland is, of course, and portmanteau of "Chase," my name, and the suffix "-land" denoting a region or territory. This new nation hopes to build on his previous micronational projects, but with more realism and practicability in mind.


Chaseland was established by Chase Roycroft as a political experiment with the intention of creating a micronation to serve as a testing ground for both emerging technologies and unprecedented political and socioeconomic methodologies. There is a heavy focus on using political and economic theory to resolve what are viewed as fundamental limitations on democratic, capitalist, and non-totalitarian governments. The micronation is currently establishing formal legal precedents for the naturalization process.


Chaseland is intended as being, from a geographical perspective, a highly diverse collection of largely disparate territories unified under a set of common objectives. For now, few areas are legitimately controlled, but acquiring more land for expansion is of utmost priority.


The overall objective for Chaseland is governance based on logical principles. Because the scientific method is routinely employed for the purposes of solving social issues, it could be considered a form of Scientocracy. It additionally meets the qualifying criteria for certain forms of meritocracy insofar as those individuals chosen to perform specific roles are those best suited for the job. Chaseland also shares aspects of a technocracy in the widespread employment of professionals with scientific and technical backgrounds to oversee and direct economic development. It is largely totalitarian to promote efficiency of government and rapid responses in cases of national emergency or changing economic conditions, but overwhelmingly strives to promote the greater good of society.


The economy of Chaseland is formally planned and designated as a command economy, aiming to use totalitarian policies to remove the inherent inefficiencies caused by market failure in a capitalist system. It is socialist insofar as meeting the criteria of "social ownership of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy," widespread production-for-use, and valuation of goods based on use-value. Unlike most socialist states, however, distribution is based on prospective future production rather than contribution or need, emphasizing the investment of dividends into further capital and infrastructure, features more specifically characteristic of state socialism. The economic calculation problem is set to be circumvented through the use of real-time digital analysis of industrial production and demand and the use of computer models to predict future production and coordinate resource allocation. As a command economy performing financial calculations based on use-value, a monetary system is rendered superfluous and the purpose of the Credit (¤) is used accordingly for trade outside of the state. In theory, it allows external organizations to purchase Credits in exchange for resources as a way of supporting economic growth, with further development stabilizing the Credit's value.This additionally has the fortunate side-effect of largely circumventing the impact of the Triffin dilemma on the micronational economy. Kaldor-Hicks efficiency is generally striven for. The Credit is still gaining recognition, so in the meantime, Chaseland is investing in stable and prosperous reserve currencies like the New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, etc, with American Dollars currently used as the de facto standard for in-country purchases.


With a virtually nonexistent permanent population, Chaseland's demographics are governed predominantly by acceptance of citizens through a rigorous application process. This application process further benefits Chaselandish society because it allows applicants to be selected based on prospective economic productiveness and willingness to follow State directives. Children of current citizens are not automatically awarded citizenship. These citizenship policies confer several benefits to the country. Advantages include a highly productive economy (because of economic planning, zero unemployment, and a large workforce with an exceedingly low dependency ratio,) sustainable population growth, and a healthy and varied gene pool. Additionally, contractual agreements signed upon acceptance are coupled with heightened security precautions and mass surveillance to achieve a crime rate of virtually zero. Chaseland maintains a zero tolerance policy with respect to criminal actions. 


The culture of Chaseland is not sufficiently established to warrant special mention, largely due to the naturalization process being drafted presently. However, it is hoped that widespread adoption of the aforementioned policies will foster a innovative and productive environment conducive to increased technical literacy, improved education, longer lifespans, and collective economic prosperity.


Long term internal design goals of Chaseland include a near-zero crime rate and extremely low dependency ratio, the establishment of a sustainable resource base, large-scale industrial automation, real-time data collection and analysis, allocation of resources based on prospective future production and large public spending on economic infrastructure, improved education and technical literacy, logic-driven-governance, and widespread availability of basic utilities.


Thus far, Chaseland has made progress in laying claims to, "annexing" and otherwise acquiring land to begin operations. We have established a small population base and are working on a naturalization process to promote citizenship. Once national affairs are in order (eg. drafting a constitution, selecting a flag, etc.), Chaseland territory will be opened to tourism and similar industries to foster initial economic growth. We may also move online and offer products and services for sale. We are enthusiastically seeking relations with other micronations and wider recognition by the micronational community. Once the website is finished, the link will be posted here along with relevant contact information for interested micronations. Until then, the author welcomes any interested micronations to contact us via the talk page or the author's page. The Micronation remains active and is presently creating an email list to further online presence.

Recent updates:

A constitution has been drafted and is in the process of being ratified.

A flag design has been proposed.

Several mottos are being considered.

There has been a proposal for a seal.

Surrounding territory has been annexed.

The government of Chaseland has chartered several ministries.

NEW: Use the link below to access the national Google Drive directory, for national documents and resources:

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