The Chicagoland Commonwealth
CLF flag

Vestibulum Honora
Northern Illinois, USA
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian, Jewish
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- High King Jack Murphy
- Consul Nick Hyland (aka Octavius I)
Legislature Parliament
Established April 2014
Area claimed sections in the village of Deerfield
Population 15
Currency Rauner
National sport Football
National animal American Bison

The Chicagoland Commonwealth is a federated constitutional monarchy, located in northern Illinois, North America. It formed when the Kingdom of Lanaa broke apart and became inactive.

King Donavan 1st was originally the Minister of War in the first Kingdom of Lanaa. At the same time that Lanaa was reformed, Donavan created the Chicagoland Federation.


When The Chicagoland Commonwealth formed, Emperor Donavan l enlisted the help of Octavius I, King of Lanaa. At first, King Octavius was eager to help, but began to fear that he would loose his land to the Federation. King Octavius declared war on the Chicagoland Federation, but the war ended without a shot fired, when King Donavan met with King Octavius to write a treaty. According to the treaty, Lanaa was able to keep it's capital city and surrounding fief, but the remaining three fiefs would be annexed by the Chicagoland Commonwealth. The two countries also promised each other military aid in times of crisis. Recently a rebellion lead by the Fief of Imai. Brought on by the ill will that the fief holds do to it's consistent rebellions against Lanaa it was even more against coming under the control of a realtivly new nation that was lead by a person that the leaders of the fief had a uneasy rational with. It was also brought on because the mostly Japanese decent population that felt that they wanted their culture represented in the nation. While the rebellion was defeated, the culture and government has had massivly change in order to appease the rebellious fief. Surprise this has worked and the more shocking is that the non-japanese majority has taken a liking to the new mish-mash of western and eastern culture. For a time Octavius left his kingdom to pursue higher education, weakening Lanaa as its neighbor grew powerful. The pressures of American college become to much for Octavius forcing him to return but he descended into hedonistic habits as a coping mechanism. With the King having forgotten about his subjects, the inhabitants of the final independent fief invited Emperor Donovan to take control. King Octavius was left alive and continues to live like he has sense he returned from college. With the final fief under his control, Emperor Donavan has secured control as the undisputed ruler of all of Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods, IL. Annexation of Lanaa and the removal of Octavius as Consul after a vote of no confidence by 2/3rds of the senate is seen by many, largely the remaining Octavian loyalists, as breaking of the Hyland-Murphy truce leading another rebellion which was aggressively put down however some survivors have formed the small Lanaa independence party or LIP.

Government Structure and policies 

The Chicagoland Commonwealth is a Constitutional Monarchy but is style similarly to early governmental ideas of Meiji era Japan. The Legislative branch is made of an upper house of appointed bureacrats chosen by the Emperor and Prime minister and the lower house which is made of 2 senators from each fief. The senators propose, debate and vote on bills before being passed on to the upper house were it is review and inspected similar to the British Parliaments House of Lords with The Emperor appointing them for life in order to maintain a politically neutral upper house. Since the constitution outlines strict interpretation of the it the upper house decides whether it is or not and if it is than is passed on to the Prime Minister for his signature and then it becomes law. The process is the same for constitutional amendments. The Executive branch includes the Emperor and Prime minister. The Emperor is the chief diplomat, Commander and chief of the military and works with the fiefs on how to better the empire domestically. The Prime minister represents and leads the main political party that is in control of the lower house and advises the Emperor on how to handle domestic and foreign issues in with the party's ideology. He also oversees day to day issues inside the empire. The main political ideology that the citizens of the nation believe in is American Conservatism but the largest minority political group is Modern American Liberalism or Progressivism with libertarians making up the second. The Commonwealth has a proportional voting system similar to The Netherlands.  


The Chicagoland Commonwealth does not consider itself to be an aggressive nation. The Federation will take part in Diplomatic and Economic relations with fellow moncarchies, constitutional or not, as well as republics similar to the U.S. However, the Federation will not have relations with communist, fascist, or  totalitarian nations or nations that claim to be republics or monarchies that  show many totalitarian traits like emphasize on racial purity, repression of the press and assembly, violations of human rights and saber rattling. The Emperor has also introduced strict anti-islamist policies that similar to the anti-fascist and anti-communist policies but has made it clear that this is an attempt to stop political and radical islam rather than the removal of the right of muslims to worship freely.  


The nation's currency is the Rauner and currently in use. The Chicagoland Commonwealth's close proximity to  Lake Michigan, O'Hare and Midway airports, the American  highways, and rail yards are why the King and Minister of Finance have made it a trade and travel central nation with trade being the bigger of the two.  

Agriculture is also an important part of the economy, with it making up the majority of exports. 


The nation has made the military a major importance since the end to the Lanaa-Commonwealth war with every man and woman expected to serve 2-4 years in the service during non-war times and 6 years during war times. The first formed branch of the Military was the royal guard which protects the royal family, circle of minister, and parliament. The only other branch right now is the Commonwealth army mostly because they are capable of holding the nations borders on the battlefield. The Military is run by the Army Club ( named after the organization that existed before the Kingdom of Lanaa and the Commonwealth that ruled the original 4 fiefs that the commonwealth now controls) with 3 Grand Moffs (leaders of the 3 army groups), the Royal Master of Arms head of the royal guard and the Minister of War since The Minister of War is the highest Military rank after the High King.

Health and Human Services 

A very new edition the government, This department is headed by the Minister of domestic affairs  but this a deparment that is mostly controlled by parliament with most legislature focus on domestic issue. The first major issue this Department had to under take was disease control. A law pass by parliament mandated that all citizens most be vaccinated for several disease at birth and later in life however those with religious beliefs that ask that their members not take part in it must show that they belong to that religion inorder to not have get vaccines.  

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