Chinobian Empire
Constituent Country of the USS

"A terra, libertatem"
Chinobe in the USS.
Capital city Chinovia
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Chinobian
- Co-Emperors Ross Nixon & Louis Sawnby
Established 25th May 2011
Population 50~
National animal Labrador Retriever
Internet Domain .chb (Proposed)

The Chinobian Empire, is a micronation and constituent country of the United States of Sheffield. Chinobe is an infamous place in the MicroWiki Community, as three wars were fought there. Co-Emperor Ross was the founder of the USS, which Chinobe was the first member of, being swiftly followed by Monovia, Homsland and Franksland, as well as West Anastasia, which joined four days later. Therefore, Chinobe is often named the "Cradle of the Union". 


Originally a Kaestrovian Base, Chinobe served as a popular meeting place of Kaestrovian Rebels. After the area was captured by the Monovish army, it was named "Chinovia Province". When Kaestrovia decided to form a new micronation they chose Chinovia as there site, and renamed it to "Chinobe". The Kaestrovian-occupied Chinobe was the site of the First Chinobian war. Kaestrovians, who could not agree about there philosophy (whether to make a new micronation or carry on rebelling against Harry Fitzpatrick) soon turned on each other and the organisation crumbled, allowing for a Monovish victory. After Monovia's next incarnation "Amir" ceded Chinobe to the Domanglian Empire, Chinobians eventually rebelled and started a war of independence, although it ended in failure and a Domanglian victory. After the Domanglian Empire collapsed, Chinobe was released as a Independent state. On the 7th of November, Harry Fitzpatrick assumed the Chinobian throne and created it as a Monovish vassal. Harry's abdication resulted in the Third Chinobian War.

On the 25th of November, with Chinobe's imminent defeat in the conflict looming, Co-Emperor Nixon agreed to peace with the Monovish Government, however only if they assisted his plans to become sole Emperor of Chinobe. Monovia agreed, and within hours Nixon was crowned sole Emperor of Chinobe and former Co-Emperor Sawnby (who still claimed the throne) was forced into hiding.

Despite this most of the Chinobian population felt little loyalty to the Emperor, and there was widespread mutiny against the Imperial Government. Chinobe's fate was sealed when the Chinobian Liberation Front split from the Imperial Army and released its official support for Louis Sawnby as Emperor. By the 29th of November, just 4 days after the end of the war, Chinobe collapsed and the Monovish Army swiftly invaded, the weak and demoralised Chinobian Imperial Army offered little resistance, and Emperor Nixon abdicated later that day.

Chinobe was then merged with other areas occupied by Monovia to create the Peoples Republic of Czenay-Chinobe. Despite the Empire's downfall, Louis Sawnby continues, with the support and recognition of the CLF, to claim the Chinobian Throne.

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