Christian Empire of Sanctitudo, the Lord Jesus Christ, and all Sanctitudian Overseas Territories
Flag/Coat of Arms

Praised, be the Lord
The Lord's Prayer
Capital city None Sanctoppidum (De Facto)
Largest city Sanctoppidum
Official language(s) English, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, French, German, Spanish
Official religion(s) Christianity (All forms)
Short name Sanctitudo
Demonym Sanctitudian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King Jesus Christ of Nazareth
- Emperor Fortitudo II
Established 1990 but inactive until 2001
Population 24
Currency Aurum
Time zone Multiple
National dish Bread
National drink Wine
National animal Lion


The Christian Empire of Sanctitudo, the Lord Jesus Christ and All Sanctitudian Overseas Territories, most commonly known simply as Sanctitudo, is an empire, based in Southern England, but with multiple territories across the globe.

Sanctitudo was founded in 1990 by Emperor Modicus, to preserve Christianity in the UK when it was beginning to decline in popularity amongst the British people. For eleven years, Sanctitudo was inactive and purely ceremonial. However, when Modicus passed on the throne to his brother, Fortitudo I, in 2001, the empire began to engage in more activities, claiming more worldwide territory and promoting the Christian faith. Also, domestic life began to develop, with an economy kicking off, monetary and postal systems established, and laws other than the Ten Commandments being introduced.


In 1990, Frederick Carter declared his large garden to be the Empire of Sanctitudo, and that it belonged to Jesus Christ. He installed himself as Emperor Modicus (meaning humble), but did not carry the nation forward, and in fact did nothing involving the nation for 11 years.

In 2001, Modicus became uninterested in his creation, and decided to dissolve the Empire of Sanctitudo. However, his brother expressed his desire to take control of the nation, and in early 2002, he was crowned Emperor Fortitudo I.

Fortitudo I recreated the nation into an active, vibrant nation. He introduced laws on tax faud and reduced the harsh sentences that applied to the charge of breaking a few less important commandments of the Ten Commandments. However, he still kept the Christian faith close to the heart of the people, and renamed the nation the Christian Empire of Sanctitudo and the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, as he left to go to university in the UK, he left his throne to his younger brother, who was crowned Fortitudo II in 2009.

Fortitudo II continued to develop the nation, attracting citizens, claiming territory and kicking off an economy through chores and public services (e.g. car cleaning in the neighbourhood), earning the nation an average of £150 (7,000A) a year.


Not written by the leader of this nation, written by Aleksandr Babayev. I have tried to make this article as impartial as possible, and I will add more soon.


Flag of the Christian Empire of Sanctitudo

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