Skywalkistan Flag

Christian Republic of Skywalkistan
Skywalkistan Flag

Et vos potest facere differentiam
Capital city Goolsby Pointe
Official language(s) English (Official)
Official religion(s) Christian (Official),
Mormon (Recognized),
Jewish (Recognized),
Muslim (Recognized),
Hindu (Recognized),
Buddhist (Recognized), and
Pastafarianist (Recognized)
Demonym Skywalker or, Skywalkistani
Government Christian Republic
- Capital Oligarch Tyler Skywalker
Legislature Elected Oligarchs of the Providences
Established April 11, 2016 to May 7, 2016 (Planned)
Area claimed 2,092,449.6=308 mi2
(118.308 mi2 Continental)
Population 10 (Registered)
Currency U.S. Dollar ($) (de facto)
Time zone EST (UST-5:00)
National sport Soccor
National animal Peacock
Internet Domain .us (de facto)

Official Website

The Christian Republic of Skywalkistan (also known as the Providences of Skywalkistan or Skywalkistan) is a Republic that was conceived and established on April 8th 2016. It is a christian republic, meaning it has a republican way of government based on christian values.


Skywalkistan claims a small plot of land next to Tampa, Fl, United States, called Continental Skywalkistan. It also claims portions of Antaritca, Pacific Ocean islands, and The area of land sandwiched between Egypt and Sudan.


The legislature currently only has one filled seat, Providence 10. This is filled by Gavin Farrer, a moderate conservative.

Political Views

The Christian Republic of Skywalkistan is highly against Racism, Sexism, and Ageism. While it does believe that Sexism is wrong, it also believe in certain jobs of the different sexes listed in the Bible in the family and community. It also strongly believes, as a Christian nation, that no matter the age, everyone deserves an equal opportunity.

Political Spectrum


On the post-right part of the spectrum are the Isolationists (0%), who believe that there should be little social interactions outside of family. On the far right part of the spectrum are the Archaists (0%), who believe that we should exist as we did in the time of Abraham. On the near right part of the spectrum are Conservatives, analogous to American Republicans (33%).


On the far left part of the spectrum are the Socialists (0%), who believe in a socialist or communist way of government. On the near left part of the spectrum are Liberals (22%), analogous to American Democrats.


In the middle of the spectrum are Centrists who believe in a unified government, without parties (33%). Libertarians (0%) believe in little government and a unified political spectrum. Pastafarianists (11%) believe the government should revolve around the Flying Spaghetti Monster


After 6 months, the government of Skywalkistan collapsed. 4 of the registered citizens renunciated their citizenships. All of the seat of the legislature were unfilled and the government was hopeless.

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