Christine I
Khrisinka Mejakhansk
The Queen Mother

House of Mejakhansk
Reign 28th November 2009 - Pres
Predecessor Throne Created
Successor Unknown
House House of Mejakhansk, House of Makjevicsk
Father Lord Wiljask Makjevicsk
Mother Lady Morja Makjevicska
Born State Secret
Cooley, Nemkhavia
Occupation Musician
Religion Christian

Khrisinka Elja Mejakhansk Makjevicska, Rija Matjera, anglicised as Christine, The Queen Mother, is a Nemkhav citizen and mother of the current leader of Nemkhavia, King Marka I of Nemkhavia. A well known and very respected figure in the nation, she has held various posts in Nemkhavia's history, including Empress of the Imperial Republic and President of the Federation. When the Kingdom of Nemkhavia was founded on the 28th of November 2009, she became part of the ruling family. As she is the mother of the King, she is entitled to the title of Queen Mother.


 In the history of Nemkhavia, there have been few people who have held as much esteem as Lady Christine. When Mark Meehan first rose to prominence among the Nemkhavs, Lady Christine was never far away. Even before the Nemkhav Nation was established, she had proven herself an able leader among her people. By the time the Imperial Republic had been established, Nemkhav scholars had made their choice clearly as to who should lead.

The Queen Mother is an accomplished musician, with many years of experience on various instruments. She is well known as a mediator, able to settle disputes quickly and effectively.

Full Titles

Her Royal Majesty Christine I, The Queen Mother, Lady of Cooley, Chief Mother of the House of Makjevicska