Christopher of Arboria
Prince Christopher of Arboria
Grand Duke Christopher of the Holy Dallmark Empire (Current)

Empire of Arboria
Holy Dallmark Empire
Reign none
Full name
Christopher Vladimir Felix
House Grunwald-Ostbrok
Father Archduke Vladimir of Arboria
Mother Archduchess Halina of Arboria
Born 29th September, 1958
Zakopane, Peoples' Republic of Poland
Occupation Father to the Emperor of the Holy Dallmark Empire
Religion Christian

His Excellency, Christopher of Arboria (born 29th September, 1958 in Warsaw, Poland) is the father of Emperor Felix I and Grand Duchess Natalie of Arboria. He married Princess Beatrice of Arboria in 1993 and is known for his charitable gestures such as paying a rather high sum for a cap, signed by the Polish renowned Formula 1 racer, Robert Kubica, for charity.

Early Life

Christopher was born on the 29th of September, 1958 in the south of Poland in a village by the name of Zakopane. This is a famous destination for Polish tourists who go skiing there. Born to an orphaned mother, Archduchess Halina of Arboria and a colonel in the Polish Peoples' Army, Archduke Vladimir of Arboria, Christopher spent his childhood years in Zakopane and attended primary school there. He was about to move to Olsztyn in the north of Poland but by accident ended up in Warsaw where he and his family, the Archduke and Archduchess along with his sister, Dame Margaret, stayed. Christopher finished high-school in Warsaw and later attended the Warsaw University where he studied law. He is now a world renowned tax lawyer.


  • 28th May, 2011 – : His Excellency, Christopher of Arboria
  • 14th June, 2011 –: His Excellency, Prince Christopher of Arboria
  • 24th June, 2011 –: His Excellency, Grand Duke Christopher of Arboria

Awards and Medals

  • Grand cross of arboria Grand Cross of the Arborian Army
  • Honour and valour Commanders Cross of Order of Honour and Valour
  • 10dall Royal Felician Order
  • 2dall Order of St. Peter
  • 3dall Ducal Cross
Monarchical Styles of
Grand Duke Christopher of Arboria
Reference style His Excellency, Grand Duke Christopher
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style Sire

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