City of Perwick

"Protectios noster est mare,"
Official language(s) Norwegian, English
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian
Demonym Perwiker
- Magistrate Marit Swensen, Countess of Perwick
Legislature Smaating
- Number of seats - 3
Established 1892
Population 27

The City of Perwick is the largest city and capital of the Kingdom of Harenfall. The city is the location of the main offices of Perwick, and the kingdom is generally considered, ruled from there. 


The City is considered founded with the establishment of the postal office in 1892.

The City around 1910

The Founder of the postal office was the Kings great grandfather, Peder Swensen. The postal office, being the most important building on the island, became a popular spot for living, and as of 1947, there where around 50 people living there. The Postal office later grew into a store and today consists of a store and postal office built, and owned by the Swensen family, The kings family on his mother-side. The Most important building in the capital is the "Store building" consisting of a pub, a training studio, a store and the postal office. The City is also the capitial of the Duchy of Perwick. The Castle of Perwick is the main office and palace of the Kingdom, and every saturday at 14:00, there is a Royal Council meeting in the castle

Perwick CastleEdit

The main office of the Kingdom, is located in the City, Known as "Perwick Castle". The Castle currently houses the Royal Council room, the Kings office, the Office of the Magistrate of the city of perwick, and the office of the Royal West India Trading Co. office. Literally next to the castle, is the Naval Shipyard known as "Henriksvern", established in 2013.

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