Cizlandeese Bolívar
Value {{{val}}}
Official User(s) Cizlandeese Empire
Symbol CB
Plural Cizlandeese Bolivares=
Denominations {{{denominations}}}
Central Bank Central Bank of the Empire
Printer Central Bank of the Empire
The Cizlandeese Bolivar (CZBS) or Cizlandeese Bolivar Fuerte is the national money of the
Billete de 2 CZBS

Observe of a 2 Cizlandeese Bolívar bill

Cizlandeese Empire since march 30 of 2011. The Bolivar is the national money of Venezuela. It comes from Simón Bolívar, the man who free Venezuela. The Empress declared it official the 9 of april of 2011 and the prime minister accepted it, just like the CNENI. Before the Cizlandeese Bolivar was used the Cizlandeese Dollar, used during the Republic and a short time during the Empire.

Other cizlandeese money

Other countries of cizland such as New Mérida, Luftchen and Soberbia uses their own money, Raquel, Kolle and Ise respectivally. The raquel is shortly used, but is official anyways. The luftchenian kolle is used since the creation of the Archduchy the 12 of april of 2011, and it features in the billets pictures of important womens in the history, this was idea of the Empress. The ise has a very weird coin, it only features the motto "Libertad e Igualdad" along with the prize of the coin.

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