The Rediscovered City
Official language(s) English
Demonym Claresian
- Mayor of the City of Clares To Be Determined
- Local Representative for the National Assembly of Scotannaea Local Representative for South Claresland (currently vacant)
Established Factory destroyed in 2008, settled in 2012.
Population none permanent

Clares is the capital city and the administrative centre of the Republic of Scotannaea; Clares is also the colloquial name for Claresland colony since that 95% of the fenced city is located within the Claresland colonial boundary/border. The city was once the sole territory of the now defunct Pisces Republic and had suffered damage because of the Scotan Advancement War in 2013. When the Pisces Republic was active, the city was divided into 7 districts and these 7 districts are more similar to neighbourhoods in the present day; The districts of Clares are: Central (originally called Sosouenou), Meroud, Kerne, Pandoris, Namadiou, Baurino and Jolopin.


Claresland and Clares was once the site of a factory called Clares which produced equipment for supermarkets including trolleys, checkouts, shelves and other retail goods. The factory closed in the last 2000's decade and the site was discovered by a group of people in October 2012; The site was abandoned and the Pisces Republic had founded themselves a country since that this was the closest land next to the Communist base of operations (since the Pisces Republic was a communist/socialist state). The Pisces Republic government had been overthrown by Scotannaea since the Pisces Republic was basically a condominium between the Pro Pisces Republic Army and the Provisional Government of Scotannaea. In 2013, along with involvement from Aryavart, the Scotan Advancement War led to an uprising and revolution in the country which disestablished the Pisces Republic and eliminated communism in exchange for a Kingdom. The first and only King of Scotannaea ruled from February - August of 2013 since that was the duration for the Kingdom of Scotannaea. In August 2013, the King abdicated and wished to convert the country to a Republic Presidential political system and because of this; the Republic of Scotannaea was established with Jeremy Kloth sworn as it's first president. Clares (which was the name of the collection of the neighbourhoods within the territory) was chosen as the capital city of Scotannaea with it's government being located there.

Clares & The City of ClaresEdit

Clares which is the centre of the Scotan government is different from a place called the City of Clares which had an unknown formation date and acts like a seperate government from Scotannaea.
City of Clares territorial claim

The City of Clares within Claresland.

The City of Clares has seperate rights from the rest of the country; for example, there is no representation in the National Assembly of Scotannaea here. The city has it's own miniscule government where a Mayor is elected. The main government of Scotannaea is finding this a bit awkward for legislation, trading and for events within the country. Therefore in the future, the city of Clares may be disestablished. The city of Clares has a perimeter of 0.266km

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea