The Scotan Mainland Territory of Claresland
Claresland FlagCoat of Arms of Scotannaea

Fas an livreson (English: Face the Liberation)
Our Proud Nation
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Scotan, Clareslander, Clareslandic
- Local Representative for the National Assembly of Scotannaea multiple
Legislature National Assembly
Established Capital city territory of the Republic of Scotannaea 18 August 2013
Area claimed 1.04 km²
Population 291 (2007)
Currency Pound Sterling
Time zone GMT & BST

The Scotan Mainland Territory of Claresland is the main territory for the Republic of Scotannaea as this claim is home to the nation's capital city of Clares, named after the factory which once stood there. Claresland is home to the capital but there are neighbourhood or districts within the city, and these districts form together to make Claresland what it is. There are 7 districts within Clares City and Claresland, they are: Central, Meroud, Kerne, Pandoris, Namadiou, Baurino and Jolopin. These were all cities within the tiny former Pisces Republic. These places were cities because the country was small. Claresland is also responsible for the land known as Aldcourt, SAR Scotannaea because in the Aldcourt Treaty it was established that it would not be a colony in its own right, but instead will act as a part of Claresland.


The present territory of Claresland was the old territory of the Pisces Republic


Claresland was once the site of a factory which produced goods for supermarkets. Since the factory's closure in 2008 and demolition in 2010, the Republic of Scotannaea has incorporated the forgotten and abandoned territory in October 2012 as part of the Pisces Republic movement. The location would be good for a new republic as there are quarries for stone, iron tracks for railway, trees, good sewage, water wells, roads, street lights and satisfactory but still standing border fencing.

After the Scotan Advancement War, the Republic of Scotannaea took it away from the Kingdom of Scotannaea as the Pisces Republic army and rebellion had been defeated. The territory today is the home to the new capital of Scotannaea and the territory is the capital itself, but within the territory of Claresland contains neighbourhoods of the city of Clares.

Flag of Scotannaea

Republic of Scotannaea

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