His Royal Majesty
Clovis II
Hlodveku II
King of Keltsvia

7th King of Keltsvia
Reign 15 January 614 -
27 December 691
(77 years and 346 days)
Predecessor Charles III
Successor John I
Consort queen Kyneburga
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Charles III
Mother Chlodosind
Born 12 August 600
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Died 27 December 691 (aged 91)
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Religion Roman Catholicism

Clovis II (Labwese: Hlodveku II, Latin: Chlodovechus II) was the seventh king of Keltsvia and descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Young". He was also the King who had the longest reign of the Kingdom of Keltsvia.

Early life

Clovis was the only child of Charles III and the Frankish princess Chlodosind. He was born at the capital of the Kingdom, Vugalroge. When his father, Charles III died, he was 14 years old and he became the new King as Clovis II. His lack of experience made him lose almost all his territory to the Slavs and the Avars.

Clovis marriage and children

On 625 he married Kyneberga, the daughter of the King Cynegils of Wessex and both had the following sons: Charles (b. 626), Mary (b. 627) and the twins Anthony and Mark (b. 632). Charles died when he was a child because of a sickness. The only territory ruled by Keltsvians was a small land around the capital, Vugalroge. So Clovis II thought that the best option would be that their sons marry relative women to Slav or Avar rulers. So Anthony and Mark married two daughters of Dervan, the Duke of the Sorbs and the Slavic group who controlled the most of the former Keltsvian territory.

Consequences of the peace with Slavs

The decision of Clovis II was effective, but the Frankish-Keltsvian alliance was broken. The Byzantine Empire and the Lombard Kingdom also broke its alliance with Keltsvians. But the Duchy of Thuringia supported Keltsvia because they fought together helping Samo and the Slavs to be free from the Avars.

The Crown Prince Anthony

The Crown Prince Anthony had children with one daughter of Dervan. And also Mark with his respective Slavic wife, they converted to Roman Catholicism.

Clovis II succession

The successor of Clovis II would be his son Anthony, the Crown prince, but he died before his father, and Mark died before Anthony. So the new Crown Prince was Anthony's son John who was finally his successor.

Clovis II death

Clovis died when he was 91 in Vugalroge. His grandson, became John I of Keltsvia.

Clovis II's ancestry


Clovis II of Keltsvia
Born: 12 August 600 Died: 27 December 691
Preceded by:
Charles III
King of Keltsvia
614 – 691
Succeeded by:
John I

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