His Royal Majesty
Clovis I
Hlodveku I
King of Keltsvia

3rd King of Keltsvia
Reign 20 June 512 -
30 October 579
(67 years and 132 days)
Predecessor Anthony II
Successor Charles I
Consort queen Frida
Charles I
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Anthony I
Mother Abofleda
Born 2 February 491
Erfurt, Duchy of Thuringia
Died 30 October 579 (aged 88)
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Religion Keltsvian paganism, later Roman Catholic

Clovis I (Labwese: Hlodveku I, Latin: Chlodovechus I) was the third king of the Keltsvians and descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Conqueror".

Early life

Clovis was the second son of the first king of Keltsvia, Anthony I, and of Abofleda. He was named after his uncle, the Frank King Clovis I. Like his brother he was born during the migration of Keltsvians to the east in the Thuringian city of Erfurt. He was raised to be a warrior king because his brother was very weak and sick. His father trained him because he didn't thought that his older son Anthony could be a good king. But later, Anthony show to his father his military strategy skills. So Anthony I trusted in him for being his successor. And Clovis would became his best warrior.

Anthony II's rule

Anthony was married to a Burgundian woman called Frida in 505, but they didn't have any child because he was unable. The King died in 508 and his older son became the new King. Anthony II knew that he would die soon without any children and he taught his successor and brother Clovis all he knew about military strategy. Clovis was devoted to his older brother. Anthony II died on 512.

Anthony II's succession and early rule of Clovis I

Anthony II was succeded by his brother Clovis and he also married his wife, Frida. He had with her the following children: Charles (b. 514), Anthony (b. 516), Frida (b. 520) and Louis (b.525). Clovis I trained his sons like his father did and taught them all he learnt from his brother. His father and his brother keept a good relationship with Franks, Thuringians and Bavarians so the western border was safe.

The Lombard threat

The Lombards were the main threat of the young Kingdom of Keltsvia but Keltsvians could defend their territory with effectiveness and the help of their allies. But the Kingdom was paying a very high price for defending themselves from the Lombards.

Expulsion of the Lombards

Eliminating the Lombard threat would be the main target of the Kingdom so the King Clovis I and his sons arrived to the Lombard dominion and defeated them forcing them to leave the Danube valley and invade Italy. In that final battle against them, the King was injured. For Keltsvians was very difficult to defeat the strong Lombard army who destroyed the Gepids before. The Danube valley became part of the Kingdom of Keltsvia on the year 568.

The last years of Clovis I

Clovis I's injuries were serious but he was a very strong man with a very good health. The King would live 11 years more leaving the Kingdom in its greatest extent at 88 years old. Charles, his older son and the Crown Prince, became the new King of Keltsvia.

Clovis I's ancestry


Clovis I of Keltsvia
Born: 2 February 491 Died: 30 October 579
Preceded by:
Anthony II
King of Keltsvia
512 – 579
Succeeded by:
Charles I

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