Draconic script

If you wish to write our language here you go, follow the translator and then write as needed.


Diagraph: Example

aa,ah: taut, hawk

ei: eye, pie

ey: pay, lay

ii: fling, see

ir: (how it looks)

ur: fear, tear

oo: few, group


The language has basically the same grammar as English, with the exceptions that it doesn't have an equivalent to English's apostrophes; it tends to place prepositional phrases earlier in sentences than in English, and doesn't have tense. To pluralize a word, the final letter is repeated and "e" is added (i.e. "grohiik": wolf; "grohiikke": wolves)

Words are constructed in such a way that, when combined, they form new words. A known construction is "Junnesejer", which means "the kings of the east". "Jun" being king and "Jer" being east. Thus, combining words will allow one to convey an idea or another word. For Example: "moon and eclipse" are not present in the vocabulary, but sun ("krein") and night ("vulon") are. The word is based on which of the words is the first because the first word is prominent. If one were to say "vulonkrein", the prominent word would be "night" while the secondary is "sun", and there would be "moon" (i.e. a light in the night). Vice versa with "kreinvulon", as "sun" is prominent and "night" is secondary, so there would be "eclipse" (darkness where the sun is). With Junnesejer, it means "the kings of the east", but if one were to put it as Jersejun, it would be "East King". "Se" is a conjunction between words that are combined to fill in the particles, but it's just as easily-understood without it.

Daar tinvok los dovah tinvok nol keizaal kred, ruzun ragnavir lokaal kred mu komaan wah wahl daar un vorey hariik tinvok. Hi dreh ni lost wah mindos waan hi dreh ni laan wah.

Go to this Link for a translator:

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