Cockatiel Dollar
One Cockatielian Dollar
Value ₡1=100 cents
Official User(s) Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014) Cockatiel Empire
Plural Cockatiel Dollars
Denominations .01, .05, .10, .25, .50, ₡1, ₡5, ₡10, ₡20, ₡50, ₡100, ₡500, ₡1000
Central Bank Bank of the Cockatiel Empire
Printer Bank of the Cockatiel Empire

The Cockatiel Dollar (sign:₡; code:CDO; can be abbriviated as C₡; also called the Cockatielian Dollar) is the main currency used in the Cockatiel Empire and the territories claimed by the Cockatiel Empire. The other currency used in the Cockatiel Empire is the United States Dollar. The Cockatiel Dollar was the official dollar the the Empire's founding on August 27, 2011. One Cockatiel Dollar is equivalent to approximately $1.13 in U.S. Dollars. The Bank of the Cockatiel Empire has created ₡1, ₡2, ₡5, ₡10, ₡20, ₡50, ₡100, ₡500, and ₡1000 bills. Coins are official but they are not quite in production to make. A blueprint of the coins will be made.

Gallery of Cockatiel Dollars

Please note Series (year) on the Dollar bills means the year the design was first used.

Nations using the Cockatiel Dollar