Cockatiel Empire
Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014)Cockatiel Empire COA

Caelo in terram (Heaven on Earth)
Capital city Cockatielville
Largest city Cockatielville
Official language(s) Cockatielian English (In Development), American English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Cockatielian
Government Republic
- President Anthony Smith (FCP)
- Vice President Dale Anderson (CLP)
- Secretary of State Frank Smith (FCP)
Legislature The Cockatiel Council
Established August 27, 2011
Area claimed 2009.99000 (not including territories)
Population 7 (excluding territories)
Currency Cockatiel Dollar (CDO)

De Soto Soto (DSS)
Unofficially U.S. Dollar (USD)

Unofficially Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Time zone EST (-5) EDT (-4, Summer)
National sport Auto Racing, American Football
National drink Mountain Dew
National animal Cockatiel
Internet Domain .cke (proposed)

The Cockatiel Empire (Deutsch: Nymphensittich Reich, Spanish: Cockatiel Imperio, Regrabetapek Rakwiktrab: Posfa'retwagtàr) is a micronation located in North America. It was founded on August 27, 2011 and it maintains a population of 7 citizens (excluding territories).


The Cockatiel Empire was founded on August 27, 2011. On June 2, 2012, the 4 states of the Cockatiel Empire were established. July 23, 2012 the Cockatiel Empire dropped out of the Grand Intermicronational Alliance. The Cockatiel Empire joins the G-12 Peace on August 6, 2013. On November 2013, the Cockatiel Empire joins three organizations. On December 3, 2013, the Cockatiel Council votes to leave the Grand Micronational Alliance. The Cockatiel Empire attempted to annexed the land of the Union of Asermia on December 7, 2013. President Anthony Smith (FCP) decided to let the people on Microwiki vote on the flag and on December 14, 2013, Proposal #5 became the flag of the Territory of Asermia. The other proposals are not being used for anything so they were placed on the Historic Flags of the Cockatiel Empire page under "Proposals that Never Happened".

Foreign Relations

see Foreign Affairs of the Cockatiel Empire


The Cockatiel Empire belongs in two organizations The Cockatiel Empire is a member in two organizations.

OrganizationMicronational Alliance Association - November 18, 2013

Fanning Island Committee - May 11, 2014

DSCProposal1 De Soto Confederation - May 27, 2014

EU Earth Union - June 4, 2014


The Cockatiel Empire is located in the humid subtropical zone. Typically, summers are hot and humid with high temperatures seldom dropping below 90 degrees and 70 degrees for the overnight low. Afternoon thunderstorms are the norm throughout the summer. The winters are drier and mild, although the rare cold snap will drop temperatures below freezing (32*F). The Cockatiel Empire uses the Fahrenheit temperature system.

Below is the average temperature in the Cockatiel Empire (excluding territories). The average temperatures are official from the Cockatiel Empire Weather Bureau (CEWB).

*F Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hi 66 76 77 83 89 91 91 93 89 - - 77
Lo 48 56 57 61 67 70 74 75 70 - - 58

The highest recorded temperature in the Cockatiel Empire was 97*F which happened on June 29, 2014, August 20, 2014, and August 23, 2014.

Law & Order

More information is on the main article Law and Order in the Cockatiel Empire

If arrested for a crime in the Cockatiel Empire, you are considered innocent until proven guilty during trial.

The worst punishment you can get (only for certain crimes) is death.

  • Treason: if convicted can result in either Death or life imprisonment
  • Murder (in the first degree) can result anywhere from 75 yrs in prison to death
  • Murder (in the second degree) can result anywhere from 25 years to 75 years in prison
  • Murder (in the third degree) can result from 20 years to 40 years in prison
  • Corruption in Federal, state or local governments can result in removal from office, $500,000 fine and/or 7 years in prison (depending on severity of the corruption)
  • Identity theft (if convicted thief live in the Cockatiel Empire) can result in 7-9 years in prison.
  • Identity theft (if reside out of the Cockatiel Empire) can result in 11-15 years in prison at the Cockatiel Empire.

National Holidays

Independence Day: August 27

President's Day: September 15

Cockatiel's Day: April 23

The Cockatiel Empire also observes all Christian holidays


The Cockatiel Empire's official religion is Christianity. Although anybody is welcome in the Cockatiel Empire regardless of religion or if they are non religious.


The Cockatiel Empire has four states, six territorial possessions and two colonies.


State Capital Flag
Catawba Cockatielville
State flag of Catawba
Kennedy Liberty City
Flag of Kennedy
Seminole West Cockatielville
State flag of Seminole
Vice Charlotte Springs





Territory of New Cockatiel

Lakewood Park

New New Cockatiel Flag

Territory of St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie

Flag of Territory of St. Lucie

Territory of Pierce

Fort Pierce

Flag of Territory of Pierce
Territory of Asermia Gainesville
Flag Proposal 5

Northern Territory


Northern Territory Flag

Territory of Tishomingo

Tishomingo (uninhabited)

Flag of Territory of Tishomingo

Territories can become states if the registered population in those territories vote a majority 2/3 for statehood or in the case of the Territory of Asermia the President can make it a state.


The Cockatiel Empire has two colonies. They maintain a population of three (Three in Cockatielville and zero in Jenkaja). New Cockatielville gained its independence on May 11, 2014 while the Cockatiel Empire was voted to have Jenkaja as a result of the United City States backing out of Fanning Island. The colonies basically have the same privileges and rights as the territories do.

Colony Flag
Colony of New Cockatielville
Proposed Cockatiel Empire Flag
Jenkaja Same flag as above


The Cockatiel Empire has Three Branches of the Royal Cockatielian Military. The Cockatiel Empire currently has no Air Force it this time.

  • Royal Cockatielian Army
  • Royal Cockatielian Navy
  • Royal Cockatielian Marines


Currently the official currencies for the Cockatiel Empire are the Cockatiel Dollar and the De Soto Soto. The Cockatiel Dollar consists of coins and dollar bills. Currently the coins are the Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half-Dollar, Full Dollar, and Two Dollar (Rare) Coins. The bills are the Dollar, Two Dollar, Three Dollar, Five Dollar, Ten Dollar, Twenty Dollar, Fifty Dollar, Hundred Dollar, Five-Hundred Dollar, and the Thousand dollar bills. As of 12/27/2013, the Cockatiel Empire is the only nation that uses this currency. The Cockatiel Empire also allows the use of the U.S. Dollar and the Canadian Dollar (because of the Canadian Snowbirds coming to the Cockatiel Empire)

Ten Cockatiel Dollars


Any language is accepted in the Cockatiel Empire but the official languages are Cockatielian English (Still in development) and American English. Other languages that may be spoken in the Empire are Spanish (due to the high population of Hispanics in the territories and in the mainland), and in a lesser extent German.


The Cockatiel Television Network is the only source of media in the Cockatiel Empire. It provides a variety of programming such as music. There are plans of starting a radio station but it is unknown if and when a radio station may happen. The Cockatiel Empire has no interest in creating a national newspaper because of the advancement of technology. However, the Cockatiel Empire may make a news page on the website.

Map of the Cockatiel Empire

Cockatiel states
New Cockatiel Empire city map.
Google Earth Map of Cockatiel Empire

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