Cockatiel Green Party
Cockatiel Green Party Flag
Party Name Cockatiel Green Party
Micronation(s) Cockatiel Empire Flag (2014) Cockatiel Empire
Leader Kathy Smith
Founded August 27, 2011
Political Information
Political Ideology Green Politics, Environmentalism
Political Position Left-Wing
International Affilation(s) none
Colours Green, White
Party Anthem none

The Cockatiel Green Party is a major political party in the Cockatiel Empire. It currently has one member named Kathy Smith who was part of the Cockatiel Green Party since it's founding. The Political party was formed on August 27, 2011 (along with the Free Cockatiel Party) when the Cockatiel Empire was formed. It has a youth group called the Young Environmentalists of the Cockatiel Empire. It also has a Student group called the College Student Environmentalists of the Cockatiel Empire. The goal of the Cockatiel Green Party is to practice habits that will make a green nation such as having solar power instead of relying on gas, require recycling, and other energy saving and environmentally friendly actions.