Cockatiel Television Network

Cockatiel Television Network
Type: Government Ran Television Network
Owner: Government of the Cockatiel Empire
Date Founded: November 26, 2013
Slogan: Entertaining the Empire 24 Hours a Day.
Stream: Cockatiel Television Network

The Cockatiel Television Network (also known as CTN) is a television network the serves the people of the Cockatiel Empire. It was founded on November 26, 2013. Currently, it is the only state television network in the Cockatiel Empire. It's headquartered in Cockatielville.


Currently, the programming of CTN consists of programming for general entertainment such as wild police chases, car races, sports, and music videos. Any programming that will entertain. The CTN is expanding programming as time goes on. 

News Programming

There are plans that non-biased news programming will be in the works on the CTN. There are also plans for CTN to produce weekly news updates (5-10 minutes) about happenings and information in the Cockatiel Empire. News programming on CTN will not happen (at least in the short term) as the CTN does not have any equipment to produce a newscast. For right now, programming will be different shows and music for the general audience.

Music Programming

Music programming will mainly consist of a mixture between Classic rock music and Country music. Different songs will be added or removed from the CTN playlist to give a variety of those types of music genres (mainly added since WorldTV can have up to 100 videos and there isn't much programming on CTN).

Sports Programming

The Cockatiel Television Network will be the official broadcaster of the 2015 Winter Olympics held in Dragostin, Bromenia.


CTN is planning to launch a movie channel called CTN Movies. It is planned to be launched in the Summer/Fall 2014.