Cockatielian English is a language created by the Cockatiel Empire. It is the official language of the Cockatiel Empire and it's 5 territories. The language spoken the same as American English but the writing part of the language is different. The Cockatielian English Language is still being developed.

Writing Differences

The Letter C

In Cockatielian English, There is no such thing as the letter "C". It is replaced by the letter K. Exceptions are when the letter C makes an S sound, the letter S is used.

Word in English Word in Cockatielian English
Cockatiel Kokkateel
Excited Exsited


Africa Afrika

The PH rule

In Cockatielian English, there is no PH rule. It is just the letter F.

Word in English Word in Cockatielian English
Pharmacy Farmasy
Telephone Telefone
Physics Fysiks

I before E

In Cockatielian English, the rule for "I before E" doesn't exist, Instead words with "IE" (or in other occasions "EI" and "EA") will be replaced with "EE"

Word in English Word in Cockatielian English
Received Reseeved
Cockatiel Kokkateel
Feature Feeture

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