The Coligny Calendar is an ancient lunisolar calendar that was used in Gaul. The Empire Of Holcetaea currently uses the coligny calendar. The year according to this calendar is 2510, being started in 503 B.C., the dawn of the La Tene culture. The calendar is divided in half between the winter and summer. Four fire festivals are celebrated and marked.

Fire Festivals

  • Beltaine- to celebrate the beginning of summer.
  • Lughnassdh- to celebrate the first harvest and summer.
  • Samhain- to celebrate the last harvest and the ancestors
  • Inmbolc- to celebrate the coming spring and the lactation of the ewes.


  • Ciallos
  • Samon
  • Duman
  • Riuros
  • Anagantios
  • Ogronnos
  • Cutios
  • Giammon
  • Semiuisonna
  • Equos
  • Elembiuos
  • Aedrini
  • Cantlos


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