Name Flag Became a Colony Export
Argo ColonialFlag 4/24/14 Wood and Sap.
Nadi AgniFlag 6/30/14 None - Nadi is an Outpost.

In a joint project with close neighbor, Meepland , King Martin I and Supreme Lady Poorvaja sent out Princess Soni and Princess Rani to manage a colonial project, not to far from the homeland of both countries. As Princess Soni is Agnian, and Princess Rani both Agnian and Meepish, both countries have a colonial representative. The land being colonized was large enough to be evenly divided between Agni and Meepland. Occasionally King Martin I visits the colonies, but Supreme Lady Poorvaja of Meep, often spends entire months within the colonies.

Nadi became the first Agnian outpost in history. It is an extremely small island in the Susquehanna river, USA. The outpost serves as a way to monitor the river's quality.  The outpost is expected to be visited once or twice a year.


King Martin I named the first official colony of Argo after the ship that appeared in Greek mythology. The flag's green portion represents the lush, green, terrain that encompasses the land, while the lighter gray stripes represent freedom under Agni. The Agnian portion of the flag indicates that this is a colony of Agni and will be protected with full support.


In an attempt to improve relations with their only micronational neighbor, King Martin I proposed a Colonial project to his Meepish neighbors. In a way to grab more land, both countries agreed that the two countries would colonize the same area and divide the land evenly.

Government & Politics

The colony is managed by a governor who is elected by the Agnian people. However, the governor's term lasts for life, or until the monarch says other wise. The Governor reports to a legislature, which is called the Senate. The Senate consists of 8 delegates, whom are appointed by the monarch(s) of Agni. From there, citizens of Lewsanla and Agni are asked to choose one of these 8 delegates to become head of the Senate, who is called, the Lord Senator. The Lord Senator's approval is needed to forward colonial acts, taxes, and militia acts onto Agni. 

Usually, the Governor will propose these colonial acts, taxes, and militia acts, to the Senate. From there, the Senate will review the proposed acts, taxes, or militia acts, if the majority votes yes then whatever is being proposed will be forwarded to the Lord Senator, who in turn will review the proposed item, and edit it. After the Lord Senator edits the proposed item, he will then pass it back to Senate, who in turn will vote once again, if they abstain, the proposed item will be disregarded, if they agree, then the item will be forwarded back to the Lord Senator, who will then forward it to the monarch of Agni, who then will determine if it needs to be passed.

The Governor has the right to deport anyone, (the person being deported also has a right to take the case to judicial Branch), the right to grant colonial citizenship, arrange PEACEFUL negotiations with any natives, and to regulate sufficiency around the colony.

The judicial branch of the colony is also the Senate, but instead the process of court is not the same. The person being accused has to defend them self against the accuser, which in the above scenario of the governor deporting anyone would be the governor himself, after hearing the accused's plea, the Lord Senator will then hear the accusers's plea. After hearing both pleas Lord Senator will give a brief synopsis of the situation to the Senate. The Senate will take a vote, and the Lord Senator will announce the verdict.

Law & Order

Colonial Laws are as follows:

-I: All Agnian Laws are to be followed here as well.

-II: The Agnian Constitutional rights are to be followed here as well.

-III: The Colony cannot revolt for illegitimate regions

-IV: Taxes are expected to be payed and delivered on time to the Agnian capital.l.

-V: You are required to fight in a duel if you are challenged to one. Only one winner will arise, the loser, will be dead at the end of the duel.


Any Colony of Agni is allowed to maintain an army used for defensive purposes only. In time of need, if Agni is at war, all colonial armies are expected to fight alongside their overlords. If not, severe punishments will be laid upon themselves.

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