Colony of Europa

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Colony of Europa
Flag of the Colony of EuropaEuropa

Strength in Unity
Capital city Pelorus Linea
Largest city Pelorus Linea
Official language(s) English
Short name Europa
Government Single Party Communist State
- Chairman of Communist Party Chairman Skylar
- Thracian Communist Party Secretariat Danny
Established 2/27/16
Area claimed ~ 6095 Miles
Population 0
Currency US Dollar

The Colony of Europa is a colony of The Thracian Line. The Colony of Europa is the 3rd inner-most moon of Jupiter.


The Colony of Europa was founded the same day as the Thracian Line was. After the formation of the Line, state officials decided to colonize a piece of extra-terrestrial property. The chosen property was the moon Europa. It was chosen due to the oceans underneath the surface; which hold a plethora of life.

Geography & Climate

The Colony of Europa has two cities in-construction. Temperatures in Europa get extremely cold (-250 degrees Fahrenheit to -400 degrees Fahrenheit) and the land is very barren. There are few craters on Europa, and a huge ocean resides under the gigantic layers of ice and rock  crusts. The Thracian Line plans to colonize this planet soon via a huge drilling operation; as living on the surface of Europa would prove to be impossible due to the extreme weather conditions.


  • Pelorus Linea, Europa
  • Pwyll, Europa

Government & Military Involvement

The Colony of Europa runs under the same government The Thracian Line does. It is secured and monitored by the AirForce Command, who often gathers scientific data from the moon. AFC officials who watch over the Colony of Europa are closely watched by the Thracian Communist Party (TCP).

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