Colony of Saar

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Colony of Saar
Colony of saar flag

Land of the Triple Star
"Triple Star Anthem"
Western Germany
Capital city Saarbrucken
Largest city Saarbrucken
Official language(s) german
Official religion(s) secular
Legislature Parliament
- Number of seats - 5
Currency Wavlandian Dollar

The Colony of Saar is a overseas colony of the Kingdom of Wavlandia. The Kingdom of Wavlandia took over the now defunct, Saar Protectorate to establish the Colony of Saar. The Colony of Saar's main duty is to give the Kingdom of Wavlandia a foothold in Europe.


The Saar Protectorate was established by France in 1947 after the defeat of Germany in World War II. It lasted for 10 years after which the majority voted to join Germany.

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