Columbian America
Flag of the great nation of Columbian AmericaNocoa

Ignotis unionem Vivat (Long Live the Union in the Unknown)
"Surfin' Bird"
Longview, Washington
Capital city Stella
Largest city Stella
Official language(s) English
Short name Boudreaulandian
Demonym Columbian American, Boudreaulandian
Government Republic
- President Spencer Boudreau
- Vice President Kindra Eubanks
Legislature National Congress Assembly
- Type - Bi-partisan Legislature
- Number of seats - 30
- Last election - June 12th, 2014
Established April 15th, 2014
Area claimed 46 houses, one uninhabited island
Population 86 citizens, 165 residents
Currency Columbian American Dollar
Time zone PST
National sport Parkour
National dish Cinnamon French Toast
National drink Orange Juice
National animal Llama
Member of Earth Union

Columbian America was a republic located in Cowlitz County, Washington.

Columbian America

The Nation of Columbian America was created on April 15th, 2014 as the United Republic of Boudreaulandia. It was dis-incorporated on December 8th, 2014 due to loss of time and interest by the people.


The nation was created as the United Republic of Boudreaulandia on April 15th,

The national animal, the Llama, in his native land of Peru.

2014. Its name was derived from the founder's last name, Boudreau. The declaration of Independence was signed in the bedroom of the founder, which then became the office of the President. The first election was held on April 22nd, naming Spencer Boudreau as President and Andrew Walling as Vice President.   On April 28th, a secessionist movement caused the Joeland Revolt. Joeland, one of the original provinces, seceded because of a dissagrement with the then President Spencer Boudreau. It is still not yet known publicly what the argument was about. After four days of fighting, Joeland formerly apollogized and surrendered, ending the revolt. 

On May 18th, the nation observed St. Helens Day, in memory of the 57 lives lost in the 1980 Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, located a mere 35 miles to the Northeast. On the 19th, Vice President Andrew Walling formerly resigned and then subsequently defected to the United States, thus causing the need for a second election. Held on the following day, the 20th, Kindra Eubanks was elected President. She then named former President Spencer Boudreau as Vice President. On May 21st, ground was broken in the construction of Evelyn Park in Stella Province. The park will include a memorial to the late patriarch of the President's family, Halen Dills, who passed in 2002.

On May 24th, the Congress voted to officially change the name of the country from the United Republic of Boudreaulandia, which was deemed too dictatoresque, to Columbian America. This name was chosen due to the close proximity of the Columbia River, and the wish of the nations people "to live in a place that is what America used to be."  

On May 28th, Columbian America entered into diplomatic relations with the Republic of Maison. Columbian America formed an aliance with the Cockatiel Empire and Unironia on May 29th. On May 30th, Columbian America became informal allies with Huro-Atlantica and allies with The Kingdom of Gillia.

On May 31st, The Cryptozoological Research Agency expedition discovered mysterious 14 inch tracks outside of Satania's Columbian National Forest and also claimed a 15 acre logging cle

EU flag


On June 1st, it was noticed that more than three-hundred thousand caterpillars had begun to leave the over 200 nests in the provinces of Stella and Satania. On June 3rd, Columbian America became allies with the Kingdom of Lanaa. Columbian America joined the Earth Union on June 3rd. On June 4th, Spiffsville attempted to secede for unknown reasons. The Columbian American government is debating about what to do. On the morning of June 5th, it was agreed that Spiffsville will act as its own autonomous region that still is under CA rule and government.

Also on June 5th, an emergency election was held. Mathew Martin was elected as third president. Martin named Ashlyn McCartney as Vice President.

On June 7th, the number of caterpillars was estimated at more than one-million. Also on the 7th the species was identified as the Tent caterpillar.
800px-Western tent caterpillars Malacosoma californicum in Joshua Tree NP

The species invading Stella and Satania Provinces

On June 8th, the National Aquatic Center at Evelyn Park was officially completed. The exterior seating area is expected to be completed by mid-June. The caterpillar invasion was dealt with on the 8th in a series if sprayings.

On June 10th, Columbian America became allies with The Topherian Empire and Ethenville. The Minister of Foreign Relations was knighted. On June 11th, a new Constitution was drafted and adopted. On June 12th, it was announced that the Minister of Foreign Relations, Spencer Boudreau, will leave on June 20th for the tour and Foreign Relations trip to Washington D.C.

On June 13th, President Martin stepped down and made Spencer Boudreau the new President. He made Kindra Eubanks the new V.P. Also on the 13th, former V.P. Andrew Walling was allowed to rejoin the country. Team "Beauties and the Brains" won the Battle of the Brains trivia competition with a total of 300 points. It was said that the President was the beauty while everyone else was the brains.

President Spencer Boudreau began work a cup-telephone circuit in the Government House on June 16th. Also on June 16th, the president introduced the new "Great National Seal of Columbian America."

On June 17th,  Boudreau passed a law through the Congress making it illegal to harm or harass any unknown primate in the forests of Columbian America.

Perhaps the largest event in the history of the nation occured on June 17th. Spiffsville was granted independence as its own nation.

Evelyn Dills Park officially opened on June 18th. A grand opening party was held. The celebration started after a speech by the president.

Columbian America Television Network started its own youtube channel on June 19th. No videos have been made although several playlists are present for the entertainment of the public. Columbian America Television Network

On June 20th, the president left for Washington D.C. with great fanfare. He toured the U.S. National Museums, visited many of the monuments. On June 25th, as the last part of his visit, he was given a tour of the United States Capitol Building. Foreign Relations were established with several D.C. residents. The visit amassed over 24 postcards, and many brochures.

On June 28th, 2014, Alyson Hall became the First Lady of Columbian America.

On July 1st, the President declared a state of emergency due to a massive heatwave bringing temperatures of up to 100 degrees on Tuesday. Citizens are being told to stay out of the sun and be inside as much as possible.

Also on July 1st, it was decided that an America Day celebration will be held in all provinces and territories, with a main party at the Government House in Stella. Several key guests will be in attendance.

At 1 pm local time on June 2nd, the President ended the state of emergency and heat advisory due to the temperature dropping 25 degrees since 24 hours before.

Om July 6th, a brush fire ignited in a trash pile near the Government House. The fire was caused by aluminum sheating reflecting the suns energy in a concentrated beam of heat onto the trash pile. Thhe fire burned for half an hour before being discovered. By that time, it had grown to nearly 25' by 35' in size with ten foot flames. The Stella volunteer fire department (V.F.D.) worked for nearly 2 hours to put out the blaze.

On July 22nd, a one acre large forest fire ignited a quarter of a mile south of the Government House. It burned for about two hours before being exstinguished by Wakhiakum and Cowlitz County Firefighters. It was feared that due to the dryness and unpredictable wind currents that the fire could have spread up the hillside into Stella. Due to the dryness period the nation has been experiencing a burn ban was in effect until the next rains, which came at about 8pm local time. The rains continued all night and the next day, with a few thunder-storms passing over the nation on the 23rd.

On July 27th, the President passed out due to severe dehydration at the Cowlitz County Fair as it was well over 90 degrees that day. He recovered quickly after being assisted by local police that were on scene.

On August 20th, public outcry occured in reaction of militant group ISIS and the murder of American journalist James Foley. In a press interview, President Boudreau publicly condemned ISIS for acts against the human race.

On September 30th, after news that the first confirmed case of Ebola in the United States was diagnosed in Dallas, Texas, President Boudreau encouraged all citizens to take as much precaution as possible because of the possibility of the virus spreading.

Perhaps one of the worst natural disasters to hit Columbian America occurred on October 23rd, 2014. At 12:46pm local time, an EF-1 tornado touched down behind the Safeway on 15th Avenue, damaging a three floor apartment building and cars in the parking lot. It lifted over the 15th Avenue, then touched down on the other side across 15th and Broadway, then destroyed trees and construction equipment in front of the Columbia Theater, traveled down Vandercook Way, then caused severe roof and structural damage to several businesses. One of the businesses is owned by the family of First Lady Alyson Hall, and many citizens and President Spencer Boudreau were less than a quarter of a mile from the event attending classes in Morrisville and many citizens witnessed the spectacle. It is expected to take several days for the damages to be fully assessed and it could be weeks before some damaged buildings are fully repaired. This is the first tornado to touch down in Cowlitz County history.

On December 8th, 2014, in light of ongoing struggles with power, lack of interest, and general loss of time, Columbian America dis-incorporated and ceased to exist as a sovereign nation. In the words of President Boudreau "Columbian America may cease to exist in body, but it will continue in spirit on into the unknown. We quite possibly have seen the life and death of the world's shortest lived nation, but these seven months and twenty three days have been quite a rush."

Provinces and Territories                        

The difference between a town and a city is that a city has a population of at least two, and a town has a population of one. Provinces act as their own towns or cities that then elect a mayor. The mayor acts as a community leader and also serves as the Senator from their province in the National Congress Assembly. Territories also act as their own towns or cities and elect their own mayor. A territorial city's mayor then reports to the Presidency. A population can choose to become a territory if they approve the Constitution and agree to our basic laws and justice system. To become a Province, the Territory must agree to all Constitutional amendments and agree to let their elected mayor-senators vote for them on new suggested laws.


New flag of Stella Province, Columbian America

Stella Province

Stella, the capitol

List of Provinces of Columbian America
Province Details
Stella The national capitol
Map of the Capitol

Map of Stella province and surrounding provinces

Robertsonland Near the capitol
Satania Largest Province by area
Kiddo Center for immigration
Nibbles Near an elementary school
Eubankia Home of former Pres. Eubanks
Morrisville This Province was Conquered by the Vleshko Federation, is a highschool
Hensonburg Claims entire cul-de-sac
Boudreaulandia At sealevel
Hall Hill Situated on a river bluff
Hopkinsville Home to several twins
North Park Home of V.P. Aaron Dewitt
Catland Highest percentage of red-heads per square meter.
Joeland Instigated Joeland Revolt
Johnsontopia Home to several Germans
Patchingville Insane Asylum
Wilsonwood Has Jeff Wilson Park and one of two Naval ships
Evanston Home to many former Texans
Gribbonville Home to Vietnam War Vet.
Grand Junction In Colorado
Cooperville Richest Province
Ponkratovia Home of head of Medicine
Sandburg NA
Patricksburg Furthest North
Freeceville Both residents are educators
Coal Creek Home of Coal Creek national monument
Millersville In Tennessee



IMG 20140616 192058

The office of the President of Columbian America in June of 2014

For presidential information visit Presidents of Columbian America. There were two political parties, Republican and Democrat, as the new nation was carved out of former United States terretory and citizens. (see Republican Party of Columbian America)The executive branch consists of a President, Vice President, and five departments.

Government Departments

Department of Foreign Relations: Is run by the Minister of Foreign Relations who handles meetings and trade with foreign leaders and dignitaries. The Minister then reports to the President. Current Minister is Spencer Boudreau of Stella. The current Minister of FR was invited to be Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Science in Huro-Atlantica on June 9th. He accepted.

Department of the Vault: The Minister of the Vault handles and guards the nation's coffers and jewels. The current Minister of the Vault is Easton Henson of Mint Valley.

Department of Justice: The Supreme Head Haunchoe of Justice acts as the country's judge, deciding right and wrong. Current Supreme Head Haunchoe of Justice is Amaira Robertson of Robertsonland.

Department of the States: Handles aspects of the nation's land and people. Led by Minister of the State. Is in charge of collecting the future penny per week tax that will be implemented next year. The current Minister of the State is Aaron Dewitt of Aarondale.

Department of Defense: Headed by the Minister of Defense who directs the military but consults the president on all decisions. Current Minister of Defense is Cole Kotera of Mint Valley.

Department of Publication and Entertainment: Handles all government publications, including books, brochures, and maps. Headed by Minister of Publication and Entertainment Karissa Dauhtenhaun of Stella.

Department of Tourism: Handles tourism plans and tries to get visitors to Columbian America.


The Legislative branch is made up of the National Congress Assembly which is made up of the Mayor\Senators from each province and meets with the executive branch as due to the small size of the nation it is impractical to meet separately.

The Congress currently has 30 seats. These seats are filled by 22 Republicans and 8 Democrats. The Congress Hall in the Government House is currently under renovation. They now meet in the President's Office in the Executive Wing of the Govt. Hse.

Government Agencies

There are currently only five government agencies. These agencies are the Aero-space Commitee, established to get a Columbian American rocket close to space within the next ten years, and the Cryptozoological Research Agency, dedicated to discovery and conservation of unknown creatures. The current project of the CRA is to find any evidence of Homo sasquatchensis, which has beeen sited numerous times by citizens of the province of Stella and the terretory of Satania. The third agency is the National Architects League. The leader of the NAL is Roy McFreely, Architect of the Capitol.  The fourth agency is the National Seismological and Volcanological Institute. It monitors all seismic and volcanic activity within 1,000 miles of Columbian America. Elliot Kirk Nixon is the head of the NSVI and was appointed on July 20th. The fifth and newest agency is the Columbian American Census Authority. It is in charge of collecting demographic information on the nation's citizens. It currently has no director.


Columbian America has almost no functioning economy but information on income levels and unemployment have been collected by the Census Authority. The lower wealth class accounts for fifty percent of the population. The middle class is about twenty-six percent. The upper class is approximately 13 percent.

The unemployment rate in the workforce is eleven percent. The workforce accounts for about twenty-five percent of the nation's total population.

Foreign Relations

Star Island and Huro-Atlantica are considered Columbian America's closest allies. The people have decided that they will engage in trade and relations with other micronations and macronations other than socialist or communist states, which is the sole purpose of Independance from the United States. Columbian America will
Map of Recognized Nations

Map of North American Nations recognized by Columbian America

never recognize the New Order of America, the Peoples Republic of China, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

On May 29th, Columbian America applied to join the American Union.

All Allies with Columbian America are not obligated to help in a time of crisis but can if they wish.

IMG 20140623 184147

The White House in Washington D.C. on June 23rd, 2014. Photo taken by the President during the Foreign Relations Trip.

Current nations involved with Columbian America

On May 30th, 2014, the Republican Party of Columbian America became a member of the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance. As of June 3rd, Columbian America is a member of the Earth Union.

The President traveled to Washington D.C. in June of 2014 to tour the city and conduct Foreign Diplomacy in the U.S. Capitol Building.

Columbian America currently has no enemies other than a small neighboring nation called Williamsburg which claims a population of 3. They have declared independance from America and started their own country out of spite because their dictator, Supreme Furher Ayden Weaver hates the current leaders of Columbian America and when asked to join the nation declared his own independance. As of July 24th, 2014, Williamsburg has made no military advances and is surrounded on all sides by Columbian America.

Coming to America.....

Columbian Americans routinely travel to America to buy supplies. As with most nations carved out of U.S. territory, C.A. is entirely dependant on the United States for power and water, though many homes in Stella, Satania, and Robertsonville have wells. 

The local middle school was claimed as territory of Columbian America until June 16th, when 70% of the countries population graduated. President Boudreau officially handed back the land to the United States that afternoon.

On the 16th, at an awards ceremony, President Boudreau recieved the President's Education Award, for having a G.P.A. of higher than a 3.5 for all 12 quarters of all 3 years of Middle School. Presente
50d3b20e46b4f preview-620

The new annexation of the High School became official on June 18th.

d with the certificate(signed by U.S. President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan) was a pin with the imperial eagle and logo of the award.

President Spencer Boudreau officially announced plans to annex the local high school on June 14th. In an interview on July 25th, the President said "The decision the annex the highschool was necessary to ensure that our citizens have a united province where they can all meet as many of us will be attending the school starting in September. This may necessitate a moving of several important government offices and buildings but this will not be decided until late August or early September. It will be for the better of the nation to have a place where we can all meet."


On June 14th, 2014, the nation's official currency was introduced, the Columbian American Dollar. The CAD is equal to one US Dollar.

  • One Dollar Bill: President Kindra Eubanks (Front) S.S. United States (Back)
  • Five Dollar Bill: President Mathew Martin (Front) Pepper the cat (Back)
  • Ten Dollar Bill: First Lady Alyson Hall (Front) Imperial Eagle (Back)
  • Twenty Dollar Bill: U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (Front) U.S. Capitol Building (Back)
  • Fifty Dollar Bill: Si Robertson (Front) Empire State Building (Back)
  • One-Hundred Dollar Bill: President Spencer Boudreau (Front) Columbian America Government House (Back)
  • Five-Hundred Dollar Bill: U.S. President Ronald Reagan (Front) U.S. Constitution (Back)
  • One-Thousand Dollar Bill: Evelyn Dills (Front) The future (Back)

Williamsburg Dictatorship

The only enemy nation of Columbian America, Williamsburg.

Army and Police Force

The army and police force of the nation is combined in the Social Security Service, as their name suggests, keep peace amongst the populace. The head of the S.S.S. also acts as the Presidential and Vice Presidential Secret Service. If a crime is commited, depending the level,(felony, misdemeanor, etc) the person who commited the crime will be sentenced (by the Supreme Head Hauchoe of Justice)to between 1 and 24 hours of community service or public humiliation such as having to sit in a tree for 2 hours with a jester hat on your head. 

Columbian America Navy

Columbian America has a small Navy composed of an Admiral or Commander and three officers.

Columbian America Naval Vessels

Columbian America has a small navy composed of two vessels, the C.S. Republic, and the C.S. Taylor. All ships of the line recieve the prefix C.S. or Columbian Ship. The C.A. Navy has yet to go to war against any nation.

Ship name Length Weight Location
C.S. Republic 12 feet (4 meters) .5 tons Stella
C.S. Taylor 6 feet (2 meters) .2 tons Wilsonwood

C.S. Republic is a Navy Destroyer stationed in the capitol province of Stella. It is powered by a 75 hp outboard motor. It has a capicity of 2, one captain and one marine.

C.S. Taylor is a one masted Navy Cruiser stationed in Wilsonwood. It is powered by sail. It has a capacity of two.


The culture of Columbian America is very patriotic and carries on in the American way of life. A large percentage of the population is involved in a music study or group of some sort. Several citizens can play more than one instrument. The national sport is tree-climbing and parkour-type activities. It is believed by several citizens for unknown reasons that there will be an eventual cout d'etat where President Spencer Boudreau will take over the government. He has repeatedly denied these allegations of possible treason since the nations' incepton.

The primary spoken language is English. About a third of the population can speak broken-Spanish, and a few can say several phrases in French. Several residents of Stella have appalachian heritage and still frequently use such "back-woods" phrases as "He beltches like a Philadelphia lawyer," or, "She's so stubborn she'd argue with a tree stump till it rotted in the ground." Another would be, "He couldn't hit the broad side of a picket-fence."

The unofficial greeting is a high-five. Snails or dolphins are frowned upon. It is considered inpolite to slouch or lean back in your seat during an official event or when someone is talking directly to you. It is considered almost mandatory that a citizen must formally salute the President with a raised left hand holding up three fingers during official speeches.

Several citizens of Columbian America competed against americans in the local middle schools' "Battle of the Brains," a large trivia competition, on June 13th. The team won the Battle of the Brains and were each given a $5 gift card to the local Frozen Yogurt establishment,Sweetspot .

National Motto

The nation's motto, "Ignotis unionem Vivat" means "Long live the Union in the Unknown." This is referring to the fact that the nation must survive in the unknown of the future, no matter what may happen. It is hoped that the motto will in the future(the unknown) will unite the nation against all obstacles and hardships. The motto was adopted on July 26th, 2014. It was originally "Vivant in Conventus"(Long live the Union) but was changed to reflect the future and the fact that we can never know what it holds.

Geography and Climate

Columbian America has a wide variety of environments, from the urban or suburban city lot to the Pacific Coast Rainforest. All of Columbian Americas' claims are in Cowlitz County, WA other than the Colorado property which is located in Grand Junction, CO. Eight of the provinces and terretories are in rural Cowlitz County, and 19 are within the city of Longview, Wa, the largest city in the county.

The climate in the country can vary from year to year. Winter usually starts around the middle of October or early November. It lasts until mid-March and brings several large snowfalls of at least 3 inches. Every 3 to 5 years however, there is an exceptionally large winter weather system that can drop up to 5 feet of snow in a week. Spring is usually very wet and rainy and lasts from March to June. Summer starts in early to mid-June and can bring short heat waves of up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer usually last until the end of September. Fall is usually very short and can last only a month or so.  

Awards and decorations of the Columbian America government

Awards and decorations of Columbian America are awards or distinguishments issued to individuals who demonstrate a civil service to Columbian America.

Grand Order of the Alpaca

The Grand Order of the Alpaca is a distinguishing honorific title given to any individual that performs or aids a greatly helpful or important service to the Republic.

The order was created by President Spencer Boudreau on July 18th, 2014.

Other awards and honors

Federal Employee of the month

Federal Employee of the month is a monthly award given to the government worker who is deemed by the President to be of the greatest value and help to the country for the preceeding month. The Columbian American government plans to issue more awards and honors at a later date. One that has been suggested is a "Year of Progress Award" to be given to every important citizen who is still a part of the nation by April 15th, 2015.

National Holidays

All official government work is suspended on these days other than official ceremonies.

  • January 1st : New Years Day
  • January 20th: Presidents Day
  • January 25th: Evelyn Day
  • February 2nd: Groundhogs Day
  • February 14th: Valentines Day
  • April 15th: Independance Day
  • June 11th: Day of the great Union
  • June 18th: Stella Day
  • July 4th: America Day
  • July 12th: Longview Day
  • September 15th: Norton Day
  • October 31st: Spooks Day
  • November 11th: Armistice
  • Fourth Thursday of November: Thanks givin'
  • Friday after Thanks givin': Black Friday
  • December 25th: Christmas Day
  • December 31st: New Years Eve

National Library and National Museum of Natural History

The National Library and National Museum of Natural History are the leading cultural establishments in the nation. The National Library is in the Government House and has over 500 books in circulation and nearly 1500 maps,  brochures, and postcards on file from 10 diferent countries. The Natural History Museum is also in the Government House. It houses over 750 items and artifacts that explain the history of life on earth and the natural forces that change it. Such items include an extensive collection of Cowlitz County rocks and minerals, Emerald samples from the mines in Africa, dinosaur fossils and taxidermy specimens. A large collection of scale model prehistoric wildlife also makes up a significant part of the Museum.

Perhaps the most important items in the collection are the original copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independance. These are not available for public inspection but copies can be handled and purchased for 50 cents. The first edition of national maps are currently being produced and will also be available next January. The original copy of the Constitution was destroyed by vandals on June 14th, 2014. Several copies and a full digitized version still exist.

A large number of aquisitions were brought back from the June 20th Foreign Relations trip to the Washington D.C. in the form of copies of documents, photos, video, original sketches and drawings, books, and brochures and maps. These items expanded the collections of both the library and museum by 30%.

Another major part of the collection is the video department. In its collection are over 80 VHS tapes. Also in the national museum is a prestigeous collection of model ships. The museum hopes to eventually amass a collection of Jurassic Park memorabilia.

On June 15th, 2014, the National Library of Columbian America aquired a set of 25 law books from 1911. Also aquired were several large maps and magazines.

On June 17th, Museum officials created the Coal Creek National Monument.

On June 26th, 2014, the Museum created the National Historic Landmarks Legion, which tallies and protects historic buildings and sites across the nation. The protected buildings and sites cannot be destroyed or demolished. The first protected site is the Japanese Maple Tree in Dills Park.

On July 20th, 2014, the National Library recieved a gift of 110 National Geographic Magazines from President Spencer Boudreau, who payed for the books with his own personal funds. The oldest magazine in the collection is the January 1930 issue.

Points of Interest

  • Evelyn Dills Park-Stella
  • National Museum-Stella
  • National Library-Stella
  • Government House-Stella
  • Office of the President-Stella
  • Palace of the Columbians
  • Halen Dills Memorial-Stella
  • Jeff Wilson Park-Wilsonwood
  • National Armory-Wilsonwood
  • Coal Creek National Monument-Coal Creek
  • Germany Creek Wilderness Area-Stella
  • Satania National Forest-Satania
  • National Aquatic Center-Stella
  • National Zoo-Stella
  • Birdhouse Park-Boudreaulandia

National Historic Landmarks Legion

On June 26th, 2014, the National Historical Landmarks Legion was established to recognize and protect historic buildings and sites across Columbian America. Protected buildings cannot be demolished but can be renvated.

    National Historic Landmarks

Landmark Location Date recognized
Dills Park Japanese Maple Dills Park, Stella June 26th, 2014
Government House Capitol Gardens, Stella June 26th, 2014
Halen Dills Memorial Dills Park, Stella June 26th, 2014
Wisteria Craftsman House Boudreaulandia June 27th, 2014
Monowi Tavern Monowi June 27th, 2014
Dills Park Foot stones Dills Park, Stella June 28th, 2014
Coal Creek National Monument Coal Creek June 29th, 2014
Palace of the Columbians Government House, Stella July 20th, 2014
Rayville City Hall Rayville August 6th, 2014

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