For the protectorate of the Templar Kingdom, see Principality of Aquitania

Commonwealth of Aquitaine Nations
Dhosäm mäjte todhänos Aquitainsrutsu
Κοινοπολιτεία των Ακουιτανικών Εθνών
Commonwealth flagCommonwealth Greater CoA

Dominion in Brotherhood (proposed)
Ğezono zinte bhadhänot
The Army is Passing
Hağuko ğinaräyu
Commonwealth Map
Territories of where claims are located
Official language(s) English, Dradelian, Greek
Official religion(s) Secular (de jure)
Christianity (de facto)
Demonym Aquitanian
Government Commonwealth
- Head of the Commonwealth vacant
- Secretary-General vacant
National animal Hawk

The Commonwealth of Aquitaine Nations or Aquitania is a Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, with the leading states being Dradelia and Eletheria. Each member state is a sovereign state with its own foreign affairs and Local Military, however some federal laws exist, as well as a Federal Government and  Federal Military. The Areas of land claimed are located in Alabama, Flordia, Georgia, New York, South and North Carolina, Virginia, the UK, Antartica, Greece, and Hawaii. The Sun never sets on the Commenwealth, as Greece and Hawaii are twelve hours apart.

Dominion of Akiak and HawaiiEdit

The Territory of Hawaii is 81sq meters of land located on the Island of Hawi`i. It was claimed in may of 2012. The Hawaii land is under local controll and is composed of a small area consisting of the waterfall of Akaka Park. The Territory of Akiak is located in North Pole, Alaska and is 2sq feet of land. It was claimed in november of 2012, and not much it known about the land, exept in snows alot and the area is non-urban.

Kingdom of St. JamesEdit

The Kingdom of St. James is the oldest official micronation in the union. Officially declared a nation December 30, 2010. It is composed of a single house in South Carloina and two Dependent Territories in the UK and in Greece. The Official Mainland is composed of two cantons. One, the house, Two, the yard and pond. The area is a Ceremonial Monarchy with a hereditary despotic Chancellor. The first Dependent Territory is called Little Karyes. Little Karyes is 21sq feet of land just outside the tiny village of Karyes, Greece. The second dependent territory is a land beside Dalton claimed by Pete Leventis during the time of Dalton-Arika. It is only 1sq meter of land, and , unlike Little Karyes, is complety local controlled. The official title of the current monarch is "Queen Demitroula Leventis of St. James, Princess of Little Karyes, and Lady-Protector of Hadenseke".

Serene Republic of VassiliaEdit

The Serene Republic of Vassilia is a republic composed of a church in greece, a house in Virginia and and a Dependency in South Carloina. The cantons in Greece and Virginia are almost as seperate as can be, but are kept together by family. The canton in Virgina, called Vassilia, is located on a property of a small estate and a pool. The area is governed by an Absolute Monarchy. The church is a thocracy.

Republic of AquitaniaEdit

The Republic of Aquitania is a state founded on December 1, 2011. (not to be confused with Principality of Aquitania, a protectorate of Templar Kingdom) It was formally known as the Empire of Elefthfria and the Empire of Aquitaine. However, many citizens wanted an Amager style republic, resulting in the Republic being formed, and being based on Amager. The Nation contains three cantons in South Carolina, two near each other an another 100 miles away. Also in the republic, is a Colony located in Alabama, on a farm in Bermingham. The Colony is 13sq meters, and is controlled by a relitive of the current President. The first canton is a small park, the second canton is a schoolyard, and the third canton is a beach house.

Kingdom of Toxandria Edit

The Kingdom of Toxandria is a protectecrate of the Aquitaine Commonwealth. It is granted almost full antonomuy, but it may not secede and its defence and diplomatic relations are managed by the Commonwealth. It is allowed to keep a standing legion, keep a Monarch, and write its own laws, unless the laws interfear with the national ones. The Kingdom is also allowed to send two diplomats to the Senate of the Nation. The Kingdom of Toxandria was formed by King Laurens I of Toxandria who is the current monarch, with the purpose to reunite all the people of the Kempen, and area which is situated in both the Netherlands and Belgium. The name of the region during ancient times was Toxandria.

Republic of DradeliaEdit

Dradelia, officially the Republic of Dradelia (Dradelian:Peguno mäjte Dradelia) (Kaynian:Rapupulke opheştə Dradĭliəleş) is an unrecognised, self-declared sovereign state commonly referred to as a micronation located on the Island of Great Britain, as well as an overseas territory in Antarctica. Dradelia is an observer in the AMU. Dradelia was originally founded under the name "St. Robertsburg" in 2007, and re-founded under the name "Dalton" in 2012, it later changed again to the name "Dradelia" following a referendum to change name. The capital and largest city of Dradelia is Laru, which makes up one of the two settlements in Dradelia along Änjosis.

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