Commonwealth of the Thule

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Commonwealth of the Thule

Tule: Komunum Tule

Recognised national languages: Faroese: Samveldi Tule Norwegian: Unionen Tule Nenets: Soúz Tule Aros: Tuleskaja Soúz Scottish Gaelic: Scotch Gaelic: Aonadh nam Tule Icelandic: Samveldið Þule

Chagosian: Kamonuelð dTule

Government Confederation
- Confederal President Anfinn Bjartalíð
Area claimed 2 239 557.36 km²
Currency Faroese króna
Time zone Faroe Islands: +1

Chagosia: +5 Faroese-Chagosian Antarctic Territory: +5

Viktorisla: +3
National animal Eurasian oystercatcher
Internet Domain .th, .ᚦᚢ

Commonwealth of the Thule is a self-proclaimed confederation located in all continents except Africa. Its goals are to protect indigenous peoples and co-operate militarily and economically. The union's capital and largest city is Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Currently the organisation has five members; Faroe Islands, Chagosia, the Republic Vicumy, Richardtopian Empire and Scogonia. The commonwealth's ceremonial and active head is president Anfinn Bjartalíð. Thule is a successor of the UOAI.


Thule is a very new political entity. It's history goes back to February 2016, when the idea of the Union of Arctic Islands, Thule's predecessor, rose the first time.

As the Union of Arctic Islands

The Union of Arctic Islands was officially established 12.2.2016. Back then it was basically the a synonym to the Faroese Realm, and it's members were the Faroe Islands without Chagosia. It had three members; Faroe Islands, Free State of Vonia (Nowadays known as the Republic of Viktorisla) and the dependent territory of Rockall.

Viktorisla and Rockall got indpendence, but they were still a part of the UOAI. On May 2016 Rockall became again a part of the Faroe Islands, after a refendrum, this time as an autonomous region.

Changing to Thule

On 28.6.2016 Union of Arctic Islands was renamed Commonwealth of the Thule and it's flag and coat of arms were changed, and same time all countries in the Northern hemisphere and areas associated to it were allowed to join, not only arctic islands, which was seen as an opportunity to grow, and the organisation got one new members, the Faroese protectorate of Chagosia.

On 5.7.2016 Richardtopian Empire was invited to the alliance, and three days later it joined Thule.


Thule has claimed territories in Europe, Asia and Antarctica. It has claimed the Faroe Islands, islet of Rockall and Viktorisla (internationally known as Victoria Island), Chagosia (internationally known as the Chagos Islands) and the Faroese-Chagosian Antarctic Territory.

Membership requests

The commonwealth has following requirements to political entities that want to join the Thule:

"1. The particular State/Other political entity needs to be ruled democratically. States and Other political entities similar to the Vatican City are an exception.

2. The particular State/Other political entity needs to ban radical ideologies like fascism, radical islamism and stalinism.


Thule has a lot of features that could suggest it's a micronation, altrough it can't be counted as one. The commonwealth has it's own national animal, eurasian oystercatcher.


Thule has its own poem-style national anthem, called Shout Hurray:

Never stop your love to Thule, wake up in a morning new.

Always strong and united, respect what our heroes did.

Chorus: Pray for Commonwealth of the Thule. Shout Hurray, shout Hurray!

Never fall to East nor West, Northern way is Thule's best!

Remember our Leader's message, go forward at every age.

Chorus: Pray for Commonwealth of the Thule. Shout hurray, shout hurray!


Thule is often listed as a confederation. It has a parliamentary republic-kind of system, where the president is normally 6 years on power. One president can be elected to power unlimited times.

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