Communism Order of the Red Lotus
Motto Workers of the World, Unite
Formation August 2013
Headquarters Socialist Kingdom of Sangheilios, Sangheili Union
Location Communist Micronations who are apart of the COORL
Official languages Russian, English, Micronational languages
Secretary General 25px King Michael
assistent 25px Eden Einhorn
Vice General 25px Josh Smith

The Communism Order of the Red Lotus is an organization of Communist Micronations having the founder to be King Michael of the Sangheili Union. The Sangheili Union and the 1017 Brick Squad Records agreed to create this organization of Communist Micronations


  • 25pxSangheili Union - Founder (Republics Below)
  • 25px Socialist Sangheili Republic of the 1017 Brick Squad Records
  • 25px Schykillian Sangheili People's Republic (Hatikva Coalition)

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