The Confederate Nations of Earth
Flag of Kazakh

Imagination is your limit
Capital city Belize City
Largest city Belize City
Official language(s) English, Spanish
Official religion(s) N/A
Short name CNE
Government Presidential System
- Number of seats - 2
Established July 14th 2016
Area claimed 122,000 km2
Population 545,000
Currency Belize Dollar

The Confederate Nations of Earth is a Micro Nation that claims they are recognised by Park Geun-hye. (President of South Korea). The Confederate nations will be expanding its territory soon and They celebrate these holidays.
  • New Years Day
  • Easter
  • Christmas

Religion Edit

You can practise any religion that you like in this micro nation, although you will be frowned upon if you believe that the Islamic State is doing the right thing.

Alliances Edit

Areas It Claims Edit

  • Belize (Country)
  • Lapland (Province in Finland)
  • Lappland (Province in Sweden)
  • Norrbotten (Province in Sweden)
  • Finnmark (Region of Norway)
  • Svalbard (Region of Norway)

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