Confederate States of New Sweden

Shout the cry of freedom
To arms for the Dixie
Southern England
Capital city New Stockholm
Largest city New Stockholm
Official language(s) New Swedish
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym New Swedish
Government Confederacy
- General of the High Council Sebastian
- High Councilor Edward
Legislature New Swedish Confederacy
Population 5
Currency New Swedemark
National drink Pure Water
National animal Rooster
Patron saint St. Bridget of Sweden

Coming Soon!

The Confederate States of New Sweden is a new Micronation located in 2 bedrooms in Southern England.The nation was created after the founders were unsatisfied with the United Kingdoms Government so they decided to go even further and create the Confederate States of New Sweden.


The nation was made after the founders were unhappy with the English Governemnt and the way the country was being run. They decided to take matters into their own hands and establish New Sweden as well as bringing back old Norse culture to England as it once was like.


The States of Sweden started to expand with more and more people agreeing in their way. New Sweden sent 2 documents of independence to the United Kingdoms government but they never responded. The nation started to establish an army and soon grew to three states with a population of 5 people

Civil WarEdit

The Civil War started on the 30th of August 2012 when a group of Citizens wanted to change New Sweden into a Monarchy. It was heavily disputed in Government until the citizens ended contact with the New Swedish Ambassador and declared a state of Civil War and they founded the Royal New Swedish Militia. The war is still continuing as of today although the Royalists have agreed to begin peace talks with the Government, the outcome is yet to be known.


The Culture of New Sweden is very much Norse and English. The nation was designed to be a Norse nation and heavy remnants of Scandanavian culture reside in New Sweden. The nation is very much patriotic and considers itself fully independent from the United Kingdom even though it is not recognized. New Sweden is often pictured stereo-typically as a very proud nation yet paranoid about if England will take action against their state. It has often been pictured that New Sweden may expand even more soon.


The Flag of New Sweden is that of the First Confederate States of America. Adopted to fit Swedish and New Swedish national colours the flag represents blue for Democracy, Dark Blue for Freedom and Yellow for Patriotism and Fraternity. The flag also has stars in the top left, the stars represent the members of the high council, who control New Sweden, as well as the states of the Old American Confederacy.

Ties between New Sweden and the Confederate States of AmericaEdit

New Sweden holds close ties to the Confederate States of America mostly because it has the same government. New Sweden also agrees to some of the Confederacies points of view. Although New Sweden highly dissaproves of the Confederacies Slave policy, as New Sweden considers all races to be equal and have all the same rights.

Confederate Armed Forces of New SwedenEdit

The Confederate Armed Forces of New Sweden (CAFNS) or more commonly refered to as the the New Swedish Armed Forces is the Defense force of the Confederate States of New Sweden. Consisting of 5 personel the CAFNS has compulsory service to all citizens over thirteen years old. The New Swedish Armed Forces contains and Army, Airforce, Navy and Special Forces to maximise the eficency of the Forces. The CAFNS is usually armed with Swedish and German Army surplus to maximise the eficency of the equipment it uses. To read more please visit Confederate Armed Forces of New Sweden (Page yet to be made)


The Government of New Sweden operates under a New Swedish Confederacy. The New Swedish Confederacy is a type of Confederacy that uses Councils to govern the States. The Councils get given ideas that they need from the sectors they cover. Each state has Councils for Different things and different sectors, they then pass on what their sectors want to the High Council of all New Sweden who finally complete the process by making what the Sector Councils want happen.

Here's a a chart to show you what happens in a more basic form. As you can see the system works so the people who need what they want can properly have exactly that! Thus forming an efficient and working political sysmtem.

Foreign Relations & Alliances Edit

Here you will see nations that have Diplomatic Relations and alliance with New Sweden as well groups and organisations that New Sweden belongs to, there is also the War Pact which is a type of alliance that friends of New Sweden are given so that New Sweden as well as the other nation can support each other in conflicts. All of the nations must be first confirmed by the Council of Foreign Relations and it then goes onto the High Council to be confirmed!

Nations that have Diplomatic Relations and Alliances with New Sweden:

New Finnish Flag Republic of New Finland Alliance and Diplomatic Relations

Saxonflag Saxon Empire Alliance, Diplomatic Relations and War Pact

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