Confederation of European (CE)
CE Flag
Motto: Freedom, Justice, Peace.
Language: English, Polish, Turkish
Headquarters: Jian (Państwo Braterskie) and Batyr (Hasanistan)
Date founded: 1th January 2014
Status: Card CE

Number of Nations: 2
Number of active citizens: 14

Government: Parliament CE ,Council CE , The Security Council and The General Council
High Chancellor:

Vice Chancellor:


Paweł Sadowski

Hasan Cakar


Demonym: Poles and Turks

Confederation  European (acronym in English: CE) - the economic and political union of European states.

Established in February 2014 (in March adopted the name International Union of Democratic Nations since April 18 returned to the name at the beginning). The process of integration goes beyond the strictly defined framework of geographical Europe.


Council EC


Presidents and Prime Ministers


One Member for one month



Representing the Member States



Member States of the Confederation European 


Nation Membership in the eurozone The month of the presidency Head of Government / Head of State Date of joining
1 Państwo Braterskie Yes April Paweł Sadowski 18 April 2014
2 Hasanistan No May Hasan Cakar 18 April 2014

Countries outside the Confederation European, but being a party to treaties and agreements with CE

Nation Membership in the eurozone Other
Grand Duchy of Belvie No

Applicants for admission to the CE

United States of Peekarica

Objectives of Confederation

  •  Financing needs of members eg. Built schools, etc.
  •  Help in time of war such as the provision of food
  •  Joint Action, to help and advise each other
  •  Transfer between their products
  •  Joint projects for next year

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