Confederation of Saltovia

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Saltovia Flagproposal.1
Proposed Flag
Saltovia CoA (proposed)
Proposed Coat of Arms

Official language(s) Saltovian
- Proposed leader Martin Garside (proposed)

Saltovia, officially the Confederation of Saltovia was a proposed entity which was designed to blur the gap between an organization and an nation, similar to the CMNAE. It was originally proposed as a personal union, between Sabovia, Dalton and Monovia. The name "Saltovia" comes from Sabovia, Dalton and Monovia.

Leader of SaltoviaEdit

The office of leader of Saltovia was in a dispute between Andrew Creed, Harry Fitzpatrick and Robert Garside. This might have been the reason why Saltovia failed as a Personal Union. Andrew didn't much like Saltovia becoming a Tsardom or a Republic. Robert wanted his uncle "Martin Garside" to be the leader, and Harry just wanted a Tsardom, the leaders had a vote and Martin Garside was voted Tsar of Saltovia.

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