Confederation of Socialist Republics
Romdura FlagRomdura Emblem

Workers of the World, Unite!
National Anthem of the Confederation of Socialist Republics
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Capital city Rissisrkern
Largest city Rissisrkern
Official language(s) French
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Romdurian
Government Federal Union Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist state
- Ministry General Sol Brunswick
- Consulate General Mathis Valor
Legislature Grand Worcil
Consulate General
Established September 1st, 2018
Population 13
Currency Rdur and Labour Voucher

The Confederation of Socialist Republics (French: Confédération des République Socialiste) or simply C.R.S., is a landlocked confederation of socialist republics in North America, It's capital and largest city is Rissisrkern. With the nation having a population of 13 people.

The Confederation of Socialist Republics is made up by seven Socialist Republics: SR Closeton, SR North Bathland, SR South Bathland, SR East Hallistan, SR West Hallistan, SR West Bedroomia [where the capital is] and SR East Bedroomia. Each Socialist Republic has their own Code of Conduct [Constitution]. 


Template:Abolished MicronationThe name is a reflection of the nation, it being a confederation of socialist republics.

History [Fake Version]

The Kingdom of Room was created in 2003, at first it was just made up of Rissiskern [which would become the capital]

but after annexing the old nations in the region of what would later be known as West Bedroomia, it become more powerful. But during 2007 after years of bad payment and worker struggle, the workers of the Kingdom of Room revolted and started the Roomian Revolution, starting a civil war. The workers won at the end and created the Socialist Republic of Room, but after high tensions with the nation next door [The Empire of Legfroh] In 2009, they were at war. The war lasted one year. In 2010 the Republic and defeated and the Empire of Rom was born. But in 2011 the Empire of Legfroh was in civil war and so the workers [that where in a bigger struggle then last time] revolted again, creating the the Union of Socialist States of Romra, and they declared war on what was left of Legfroh, and annexing them. From 2014 to 2017 the U.S.S.R. expanded even more, from East Bedroomia to South Bathland. In the 25th of April 2018, reforms where made to make the nation even more democratic, and so the People's Commune of Romdura was created, but then in the 7th of August 2018, new reforms took place. Creating the Socialist Republics of Romdura. In the 1st of September, new reforms took place. Creating the Confederation of Socialist Republics.

History [Real Version]

The real history of Romdura is really simple, one day the user RemyistStudio got bored and so he created the People's Commune of Romdura on the 25th of April, 2018. Then in August of 7th, it had a name change and a government change. In the 1st of September, new reforms took place. Creating the Confederation of Socialist Republics.


CSR is mostly flat, as a landlocked nation it has no border to the ocean. It only borders one other nation, Canada. East Bedroomia has a lot of wood, and even tho it's landlocked it does have water sources in North and South Bathland. Closeton is where the highest point of the nation is.


  • Government: The CSR is a Confederation of Socialist Republics, each Socialist Republic elects someone to be a member of the Grand Worcil [Worker Council], the Grand Worcil also votes for a Consulate General. The Consulate General does not have more power then another Government Official but it does have more responsibilities. The Current Consulate General is Mathis Valor. Political parties are not allowed, there is only the Workers' Socialist Party of the Confederation of Socialist Republics.
  • Political Parties: The CSR has only one political party. The reason for this is due to the mission of the CSR and for all Socialist States around the world. The goal is to become fully Communism, a Stateless, Currencyless, Classless society, and you can't do that if there is a Fascist Party or a Anarcho-Capitalist Party gets elected into party and destroys it all.
  • Foreign Relations: The CSR is a part of LoMN, APM, and the MPU, but it does not have real relations with states in it, for Macronations, the CSR supports the Democratic People's Republic of Korea against US imperialism. The CSR is a strong believer of the self right for nations to self-determination.
  • Romdurian Armed Forces: The People's Army is the military of the CSR, is the main branch of the Armed Forces. The PA is not the strongest military, it's pretty weak compared to other nations and their militaries. Even tho the CSR is landlocked, it has a navy of two ships. The Grand Air Force only has one plane (Ironic that is has Grand in it's name)


The Economy of the CSR is a planned Economy. The CSR has a good trade deal with Canada, Canada lets the RSS gives electricity, water, and air, while the CSR gives some national support to Canada. The CSR uses two currencies: the Rdur, which acts like any other currency, and the Labour Voucher, which acts like a voucher of labour.


The CSR culture is mostly in the socialistic type of style and culture. The people of the CSR does make mini films about the history of some former left wing nations, like the Far Eastern Republic. There is a lot of propaganda art of the CSR.