The Consistarchic Republic of Seoün
Seoun official flag

National Motto

Coloremus Nostrum Mundus Nigrante~ (Let us fill our black and white world with color~/Rhul ingyc ielp ein viwaj cieg popal bierda rov lliw~)


Lwmen (Lumen)

Official language





Tolomer Cullen


9/1/08(broken up then reestablished) 4/24/10

National Animal

North American Snapping turtle

National Bird

Northern Cardinal

National Flower/Tree

-Apple Blossom

-Korean Dogwood

The Consistarchic Republic of Seoün, also called Seoün, is a flourishing Micronation with a peaceful, relaxed stance towards citizens. A very peaceful place, that doesn't coerce in many political skirmishes. It is run by a President, who is elected by the people of Seoün.

Seoün is located in Warwick, NY, which is about one(1) hour North of New York City. It sees a temperate climate, receiving about 3 1/2 months of cold, hot, and warm/cool weather each. Each season is about the same length, none of them reaching any sort of extremes.

Seoün currently uses the American dollar, and follows a similar economic system (though eliminating Laissez-Faire).


Seoün started out as a dual-monarchy with two leaders on September 1st, 2008. Since then, after about 1 1/2 years of operation, it had broken up and taken its current name, Seoün, under the leadership of Tolomer Cullen. Seoün (at the time, "The Arca Utopia") was originally a NationStates cyber-nation. Since then in its short years, it has developed into a full blown Micronation with claimed territories, a government and more. The President's house is the capital; Lumen.

How the Government Works

Seoün is a Consistarchy; infact, the only Consistarchy on Earth. A Consistarchy is a form of capitalism, with socialist tendencies. Laissez-Faire does not exist, and the government handles all trade, business and foreign affairs. This does not mean the people do not get choices on where to shop, or eat, etc. A multitude of options are available to the people, and they retain free choice over where to go. In laymans terms, a Consistarchy is an extremely centralized form of government, promoting Universal Health care, and a unit to work similarly to those of the Fire and Police departments, that works with the prevention of Narcotics (similar of to that of the Japanese "Matori") specifically, and those that work with more medical-based operations, as an improvement to ambulance dispatchers. Taxes are unfortunately high, to fund these operations in practice. A Consistarchy, like the sovereign state of the United States of America, has a President, but unlike the U.S.A. does not have an three branches of gov't, keeping only 2; the Executive and the Judicial, which works as a union between the traditional Judicial and Legislative branches. The current President is Tolomer Cullen, and until further notice is president for life.

Taxation: Seoün imposes no income tax. Tax is only issued on products that are imported from a country at a minimum of 50 miles away. This is quite the distance for such a small republic, so tax is almost unheard of. Usually taxed products such as tobacco and alcohol don't exist, because neither tobacco nor alcohol or sold commercially in Seoün. It isn't illegal, but if you want it you have to travel all the way to another country to get it.


Seoün currently has founded alliances with The Republic of Mennista, The Principality of Savante, and The Republic of Castia. We really hope to gain more allies later on, and President Cullen has made contact with Kevin Baugh, leader of the Republic of Molossia. Tolomer 19:26, March 6, 2011 (UTC)Tolomer Cullen

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