The Constitutional Charter of the Republic of Vetria is the national constitution of Vetria, written in 26 December.

  1. Vetria is a democratic republic, based on Work and Instruction.
  2. Vetria recognizes all the inviolable rights of the human.
  3. Everyone is equal to the law and no genders/sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities, political opinions, social/personal situations nor languages shall prevent the human from enjoying freedom.
  4. The Republic recognizes the right to work, and promotes anything that can help reaching the right.
  5. Vetria recognizes all the religions, therefore, the Republic has no official religion.
  6. The Republic promotes the cultural and technical develop, and protects the land and historical/cultural heritages.
  7. The National Juridical Regulations are based on the International Juridical Regulations.
  8. Vetria does not accept the war as solution to internal problems in any way.

Flag map of vetria


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