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Consul of Unironia
[[Image:Counsul`s Ensignia|120px]]
Style His excellency
Residence Depending on Consul
Appointer Emperor of Unironia
Term length Until dismissed or Death
Inaugural holder Christian Wise
Formation August 2013-Naval treaty
First holder Christian Wise
Final holder Zachary Sparks
Abolished 21st April 2013-Council of State Declaration
Succession Imperial Nomination
Deputy General of the 1st Guard (from October 2012)

In the Unironic Empire Consul was a high government post that existed between August 2012 and April 2013


In August 201 the Emperor of Unironia was in need of another person to help manage affairs as demanded by the Imperial Congress because Unironia was still a de facto Constitutional Monarchy this was required. The first person to appointed Consul was Christian Wise who lasted until September when Abigail Plitt was appointed to the office she enacted many new decrees to increase the consuls power, she eventually resigned. the third and last holder of the office was Zachary Sparks who was sworn in later September of 2012 under his Consulship Unironia became a Absolute Monarchy, but he managed to ruin his reputation when he attempted to overthrow the monarchy in November 2012 after his failure he was not dismissed due his popularity with the people instead the office of Consul lost most of its powers by April 2013 Consul was nothing more tan a courtesy title so the Emperor abolished it in favor of a new office "President of the Council of State"