Convertible Potato
Just potato
Value Depends on price of potato in Odessa
Official User(s) Tricolor of Fazezda Fazezda
Symbol β
Plural Potatoes
Denominations Unlimited
Central Bank n/a
Printer Babushka

Convertible Bul'ba (rus. Конвертируемая Бульба) - is the national currency of joke-micronation Fazezda. As name says, it is simple potato. Russian name "Bul'ba" was imported from Belorussian language.

Currency is divided in 3 kinds.

Exchange rates

The price of Bul'ba copies average cost of 1kg of potato in Odessa's markets.

Simple Potato

Standard piece of potato. Has feature of going bad.

Silver Potato

Silver one is model of potato, polished with silver paint. It has double price.

Gold Potato

The same with last one, but with gold polish. More expensive than simple potato in 5 times.


Totally stereotypic currency. It hasn't actual value and spreading. Factically, in Fazezda there is Ukrainian Hryvnia in use.

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