The Coronation of the Emperor of Unironia is a very lavish series of cerimonies that takes at least 5 weeks to complete

The Assumption of Death

After the passing of the former Emperor priests gather by his bedside and pray for 2 hours after that the Emperor posthumously leads the procession to the Imperial chapel where a prayer session that lasts between 2-3 days when it ends the Emperor is officially proclaimed to have risen to heaven the abbot that is in charge of the priests at the Imperial palace heads to the top of the bell tower chants "Imperator in suis adiunxit, vivat Caesar" which is latin for "The Emperor has joined his fathers in heaven, long live the Emperor" which is followed by a chorus of bells from all around the palace 1 ring for ever year of the reign of the late Emperor

The Intimite Corination

following the Assumption of death of the previous Emperor the Imperial household is gathered into the Imperial chapel then the Heir of the Crown enters followed by chamber servants and behind them priests the Prince or Princess proceeds to the altar where they are presented the Imperial Regalia piece by piece after each piece is presented the Emperor to be recites the Lords Prayer in Latin after all the regalia is presented the Imperial hosehold recites this pledge "Et cum edictum totum: a testimoniis Dei Gratia sua libertas Imperium et agnosco Unironia divinum, qui fuerit ad insignia Principis est unum et solum patris Unironia Caesar Deus mihi et familiae meae ad wittness challange spondeo nunquam virtutem iure sedem imperatorem" which translates to "I along with all of the witnesses of His Imperial Majesty`s proclamation by the Grace of God Emperor of Unironia and do recognize this divine judgement, for the Prince that has been passed the regalia of his fathers is the one and only Emperor of Unironia and as God and my family as my witness I promise never to challenge the rights of the Emperor to his throne or powers"

The State Coronation

following 3 weeks of preparation for the State Coronation when a venue is picked and all arrangements are made the final step in the coronation begins first the Emperor-to-be takes the Imperial carriage to the cathedral escorted by the Imperial Horse Guard when the procession arrives the Emperor steps out and begins to walk towards the entrance when he passes the threshold the bells in the tower ring 3 times after the last chime a fanfare is played the one that is played depends on the decision of the Emperor along with the Coronation March that will be used after the fanfare the doors to the sanctuary are opened slowly then the Emperor followed by his chamber servant who hold his robes behind him walk down the aisle once they make it to the alter the Emperor`s larger robes are taken away after the anointing of the crown regalia along with the Emperor by the Presiding Bishop of the Cathedral, any other Bishop, or possibly the pope (this would never happen but is allowed) the Crown bearer begins down the aisle once he makes it down to the altar he kneels in front of the Emperor and presents him with the crown on it`s pillow before he takes it the Emperor once again heads to rear of the altar to be blessed with holy oils by the Bishop after he says the Lord`s Prayer on a kneeler adjacent the bishop he returns to the front of the altar where he lifts the the crown and places it upon his head right after the gesture the organ begins with a triumphal march chosen by the now Emperor he is dressed in the long robes by his chamber servants after that the procession that is made up of the Emperor``s immediate family exits the cathedral and into their respective carriages a line exactly the same as the order of the procession the Emperor`s leads them all to the Imperial Palace to greet the subjects

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