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01-27-2014 Remove red links The Council of Elders, is the very highest authority in the United States of Sheffield. It is made up of the President of the USS, Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the USS, and the Supreme Judge of the USS. Under the Sheafish "Triumvirate" system of government, each of these three offices holds equal power, and therefore in times of national crisis, these leaders gather in the Council of Elders in order to create a solution. The Council also elects the Patriarch of Sheffield, the Head of both the USS and the Patriarchy of Sheffield.

USSflag United States of Sheffield
Government and Politics
President of the USSSupreme Senate of the USSDemocratic Peoples Party of SheffieldPolice Force of the USSMilitary of the USSThe Resistance (Monovia)
Famous People
Harry FitzpatrickZarartu AMMbongeni NgwenyaRoss NixonFrankie FitzpatrickOliver MilnesBenjamin HigginsHannah LydonJessica Thompson
Grunkian-New Joneslandish warKaestroviaKaestrovian WarsFirst and Second Chinobian WarsMonovish 2012 CrisisThird Chinobian War2012 Forvian ClashesMonovish General Election 20132012 Monovish Coup d'étatBattle of the AnnexConference of the AnnexFormation of the USS
Countries of the USSYerevasaThe USS BunkerFitzpatrick's ForestWestern Sheaf PlainsThe AnnexAcrest

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