Councilism is a Ideology based on that a nation works best when there is no head of state but the "Council Assembled" runs the country very often mixed in with Communism one example was of the Councilist-Chessist FNCP before the Council Coup whom`s government was Orthodox Councilists sticking to the main principles of Councilism

History in Unironia

The people were upset during the Robinsinshire Anarchy because they no longer trusted kings to rule them after so much experience with corrupt kings and the usurping of the throne of the Kingdom of Robinsinshire was the final straw so they took councilism and eventually socialist ideas began to appear due to Chessist speeches and rallies so much that in fact soon all the Councilist were also Chessist so the June Revolution set up a Communist government but Councilism didn`t last after the revolution a coup occured replacing the Chessists with Federalist-Communists whixh preached that heads of state were essential to a well working state which due to recent economic issues was a very easy case to make to the people of Unironia so after the coup they were accepted

Non Communist Examples

  • The United States during the period before the Constitution was ratified