Countship of Plantfeldt

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Countship of Plantfeldt

"Magnus, sunt arborum"
Capital city Solflekken
Official religion(s) Protestant Christian
- Count Haakon MacLean
Established 12.06.14
Population 2
Currency Harenfall Crown (HAK)
Patron saint St.Cuthbert

 The Countship of Plandfeldt, is a countship or county, in the Kingdom of Harenfall

The Countship existed since the founding of Harenfall (26th September 2010) but has never, before 12.06.2014 had a funtioning count. The countship has stayed the same for most of it`s exsistance, exept for a minor change in size in January 2014. The Countship consists mostly of woodland, hence the arms include a log. 

The countship is a favored hunting area for the court, and others and the king organizes hunts (with crossbows) there atleast once a month. 

The base called "Solflekken" (literally "The Sun spot") is known as the capital of the countship. the count does not live here perminantly but has a "fort" there.

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