—  Special City  —
City of Crizopolis
City of Crizopolis Seal
Nickname(s): The 4th Rome
Motto: All Roads Lead To Crizopolis
Settled April 2003
Organized June, 2011 (as Cresigrad)
Founder Lioe`Di`Won
Named for the Moon
Imperial Mayor/Governor "Vacant"
 - Type Lord-Mayor Municipality
 - Lord-Mayor William I of Unironia


originally settled in April, 2003 by the first Batrani People who migrated from a home further south


Under 1st Batrani Rule

In this period Crizopolis did not yet have a name, and it was inhabited by tribal villagers who prided themselves in their ability to make things from the land including weapons, tools, pots, etc

Under Robinsinshire

Crizopolis had it`s first modern fixtures put in during the era although short Robinsinshire had a big impact on life every Crizopolite

Under the Unironic People`s Republic

Crizopolis then called Cresigrad flourished under the UPR buildings were constructed and the June Revolution monument was created which still stands today

Under Ling Empire (2nd Barani Rule)

During the Ling Empire Crizopolis then Crijong was the site of several Imperial fesitivals and was the de facto capital of the Empire

Under Unironia-Woodland

since the Defacto capital during this time was Shade City Crizopolis then Cri wasn`t really focused on accept as the home of the Archduke of Unironia

Under the Republic of Monoea

during the Monoean Republic Crizopolis saw a resurgance of activity following the Presidents decree to move the capital there this is one of the reasons the free thinker revolt happend due to the populace being upset over this reach for further power by the president

Present Day

Crizopolis is now the Seat of Imperial power, home of the Emperor of Unironia. it is ran by the Imperial Mayor/Governor