The Crown of Saint Joseph is the Crown officially by the Emperor of Unironia. This crown has been used for the Emperor since the King of Monoea began using the title in June of 2012


in early 2012 when the Ling Empire was already well into its History the Ling Emperor in Crijong (Crizopolis) commissioned a crown to replace the old Crijong Ling Crown that would also be worthy of his place as Sovereign over all the other reigonal Ling Emperors.

The crown was used until the fall of the Ling Empire when the authority of Unironia-Woodland locked it away in a vault since the two diarchs were equal and it wouldn`t of been fitting to crown one of them so, two new crowns were created but since have been lost although the Woodland crown might be in the collection of a Batrani merchant.

After the last Woodlander Archduke of the diarchy period abdicated the Crown of Saint Joseph began reknewed use. This continued until the rise of the Wolf Syndicate that filled the gap that was opened when the High Council of Unironia-Woodland dissolved at a meeting at Fort Zacharia they dissolved the Archduchy and took ownership of the Crown.

After the Second Unironic Revolution (April 2012) overthrew the Wolf Syndicate from power the Crown was not officially used by the government of the State of Unironia since there was no monarch. in the Republic of Monoea the crown was used in traditional ceremony only not as wear for the Hereditary President of Monoea.

When the Unironic Empire was proclaimed on June 21, 2012 the Crown of Saint Joseph became the official crown of the Emperor of Unironia. It was used in the first consummation of the new Imperial court on June, 27, 2012. The Crown was also used in all Imperial heraldry since the proclamation of the Empire.

Crown of Saint Joseph

the crown on display in Crizopolis

Crown of Saint Joseph Heraldic Version

Heraldic version