Crudaith flag 2

Uile Is Math An-Dràsta
Òran an-asgaidh fir
16 Carmunnock Road and St. Kilda
Official language(s) English, Scottish Gaelic
Government Directorial republic
- Chancellor Lewi
- Democracy Council Dan
Legislature National Assembly
- Type - Council of Cantons
- Number of seats - 2
Established 11th March 2014
Population 6
Currency Pound Sterling

Crudaith is a micronation founded on 11th March 2014, and the current government has been in place since November 2014.


Establishment of Old Crudaith

On 11 March 2014, A micronation was founded with the name of "The People's Republic of Crudaith (Old Crudaith)". A few days after Crudaith was founded, the country invaded an island group called St. Kilda renaming it to "Mondadh"

Fall of Crudaith

About a month after the founding of Crudaith, an internal power struggle reached breaking point and eventually Crudaith was replaced with another micronation, the Chen dynasty.

Establishment of the Great Chen

The Dynasty was officialy established on 24th April 2014, just over a month after Crudaith was established. The micronation then underwent a radical transformation, examples of the changes are how the leader was called Huangdi (Emperor), and how the name of Mondadh was changed to 海洋綠 (Haiyang lu).

Fall of the Chen Dynasty and restoration of Crudaith

After a long period of peace, the Chen Dynasty soon began to crumble. Several regions of the micronation made unsuccessful attempts to secede, most notably an extreme Communist nation called "Fortisia", and in the midst of the chaos, the original leader of Crudaith took control again, but did not entirely reform the way it was before. It was reformed as a Directoral Republic with a Democratic system, and so now there are two split parts of the nation's history. There is Crudaith before the government fell or "Old Crudaith", and the Crudaith after the restoration and reformation of the old micronation, sometimes called "New Crudaith", and Haiyang lu was renamed back to Mondadh.

Geography and ClimateEdit

The geography is flat and mild in the Metropolitan area. In Mondadh, it is mountainous with high winds.

National AnthemEdit

The national anthem is the same as Old Crudaith, and with no lyrics as of now.

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