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{{Infobox nation 2 name = Soviet-Cuban Socialist Republic image1 = image2 = Nocoa motto = "Workers Unite, Defend the New Home" |anthem = La Bayamesa location = 250px
Lawton, Oklahoma |capital = Santiago De S.C.S.R. largest_city = Santiago De S.C.S.R. languages = English, Spanish, Russian, Korean religions = Catholicism, Christianity |demonym = Cuban, Soviet, Korean government = Marxist Leninist Single Party State head of government = President head of state = Vice-Marshal hog_name = Generalissimus Yaga Castro hos_name = Generalissimus Yaga Castro legislature = None type_a = None type_b = None seats_a = None seats_b = None election_a = election_b = ‎ established = September 28, 2014 area = 1km² population = 5 currency = U.S. Dollar, Cuban Convertable Peso Time_zone = Central nat_sport = Beisbol nat_animal = Eagle pat_saint = St. Jose Marti domain = .ex (proposed) calling_code = +1 notes = This nation is a a member of the Soviet Union web = None Yet Officially the Republic of The a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on September 28, 2014 by Generalissimus Yaga Castro and the 1st Volunteer Army.


The term S.C.S.R." was adopted as the country's name on October 4, 2014.


The Socialist Republic was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 By Yaga Castro in response to a dispute with the Cuban Government over weak policies. Castro claimed his and His volunteer's house's as part of the S.C.S.R

Government & Politics

We Are Marxist-Leninist, single party State with the combined ideals of Jose Marti. Our country has a foreign ministry to establish relations with other micronations. We currently do not have a legislation or parliament yet.

Law & Order

In the S.C.S.R. crimes are punishable from six months in prison to hard work for 20 years. We have the military's lower ranking as police forces. Prisoners are locked up in the town basement thats guarded 24 hours 7 days a week.

Foreign Relations

Foreign relations havent been established yet, but will be soon.


For now we only have the Army, but Marines and Commando Special forces will soon be established. We use what we have in stock, old Mosin Nagants, Springfields. We were in our fight for independance and the creation of our great nation.

Geography & Climate

It can range from 5°F to 105°F, it snows, rains, gets really hot, and drizzles. To our North West we have mountains, and to the north east we have forest. Tornadoes do happen every so often.


To make money for the country we sell technology, and only import food thats cheap like noodles. We have a flourishing art industry.


Most of our customs come from cuba, but wherever your from your customs follow you. Education is basic diploma if you want to have a good job. Military is an option as long as you meet the requirements. Due to being a nation of many peolle we have Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese. Our national food is pancakes with plantains, yellow rice, and black beans.


We simply do not watch tv, or you can be imprisoned for it. We focud more on training, education, and working for the better good of the country.

External Links

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