The Culture of Danland is a mix of Western, Japanese, Hindu and Australian Aboriginal culture. This article will show you about it.

The Flag

Daniel-Land's flag is double white, red with a yellow star in the centre.The flag was adopted by King Daniel I in 2010 for use on the flag of his fictional country. Originally the star was going to be red to symbolise communism, but then it was changed to yellow to make it more capitalist.



Art is usually done in the Australian Aboriginal style, although it painted on paper rather than on rocks. The Danlandic Government prefers that all paper must be eco-friendly and not made with some natural resources that could that damage the enviroment.

The only painting recorded in Danland is a painting of a black man, which is King Daniel I and red man which is Matthew Sjöberg (then Matthew Burklandssen at the time).

Usually art is rare in Danland and most art in Danland is handdrawn.


Art is done in the Western style.


The two official languages are English and Dannish. English is used for government things such as websites and constitution and it is most widely used language, whereas Dannish is more used for cultural things.

Dannish uses Latin script. There is no intention to spread Dannish elsewhere except to micronationalists and friends of Danland's ruler.


Daniel-Land adopts Western fashion mostly originating China, Spain or the UK.


The religion of Daniel-Land is Danielism. It is believed in one real god, the King of Danland and several ancient gods. It's symbol is a star. He created it, because he wanted to revive the ancient religions and reunify them under his religion. Also the king's favourite characters are also gods. The book of the religion is called the Dan Book or Dharzgod, which is comprised into the books of the Ancient religions and several modern ones by King Daniel I.

They pray in the homes in their bed.

National Festivals

1 January - New Year's Day

3 January - St. Daniel's Day

10 February - Danielmas

1 May - Labour Day

6 May - Postage Stamp Day (Danland Only)

23 June - Sonic the Hedgehog Day (Danland Only)

9 August - Danland Day

31st October - Halloween

1 September - All Saints Day

18 September - Constitution Day

24 December - Christmas Eve

25 Decmber - Christmas Day

31st December - New Year's Eve

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