State of the Three Peoples
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Capital city Czenayazia
Official language(s) English
Demonym Czenayzi
Government Communist State
- President Harry Fitzpatrick
- Premier Ross Nixon
Legislature Supreme Soviet
Established 29th of November 2012
Population 100
Currency Monovish Pounds

Czenlaybad, or officially known as the Peoples Republic of Czenay-Chinobe, was a Sheffield-Sector micronation established in the wake of the Third Chinobian War. It is currently administrated by the Nationalist Alliance, which is also the ruling party in Monovia, and so some have called Czenlaybad a Monovish vassal, although these claims are denied by the Czenlaybadic Government.

Czenlaybad was originally a colony of the Domanglian Empire, and was created in order to link various Domanglian colonies together. When the Empire collapsed, most of Czenlaybad reunited with the United Kingdom, although small parts were annexed by both the Chinobian Empire and Monovia. After Chinobe's collapse shortly after the Third Chinobian War, the Monovish Military combined both the territories of Chinobe and Czenlaybad (which was occupied by Monovia at the time) to make Czenay-Chinobe.

With the foundation of the USS, Czenlaybad ceased to exist as an Independent entity as Monovia, the sole backer of the Czenlaybadic Communist government, recognized the Chinobian Empire instead.

USSflag United States of Sheffield
Government and Politics
President of the USSSupreme Senate of the USSDemocratic Peoples Party of SheffieldPolice Force of the USSMilitary of the USSThe Resistance (Monovia)
Famous People
Harry FitzpatrickZarartu AMMbongeni NgwenyaRoss NixonFrankie FitzpatrickOliver MilnesBenjamin HigginsHannah LydonJessica Thompson
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