The Kingdom of Dafelonia
Mőnaaliþ þaþ Dävȍðinlaþ
2012 - 2013Ridd-Gates.png

Seal of Government

"In Unitate Iustitia In Aequalitate"
(In Unity, In Justice, In Equality)
"The Muffin Man"
North West and South West England
Capital city Riddlesden
Largest city Riddlesden
Official language(s) English, Dävȍðinlȁþ Leŋ (Dafelonian Language)
Official religion(s) All
Demonym Dafelonian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King D.S. Jones
- Prime Minister None Appointed
Legislature Quorum of Elected Ministers
- Type - Democracy
- Number of seats - 4
- Last election - 2013
Established $ 3rd November 2012 $
Area claimed 3 quaters of a mile
Population 4
Currency Dafelonian Shilling
Time zone UTC+00:00
National animal Duck

This article is for the 2012-2013 nation located in the Dafelonian Area. For the 2011-2012 nation see Federated Republic of Dafelonia.

The Kingdom of Dafelonia was a short-lived Micronation close to the town of Keighley that occupied the Dafelonian Area from the 3rd of November 2012 unti the 20th of October 2013.


The Kingdom of Dafelonia was created in 2013 in the wake of the Dafelonian Calamity, after citizens became upset with the ineffective government of the Federated Republic of Dafelonia. The then President of the Federated Republic of Dafelonia believed that a radical change in the administration of Dafelonia would be what was needed to end the termoil, but this was to no avail.

During the period in which the Kingdom of Dafelonia existed, the Kingdom did very little in the way of new laws and legislation to protect the Dafelonian Area from further termoil, instead it tried to make itself known on an international front by opening diplomatic relations with the Templar Kingdom and reaffirming relations with Dalton-Arika and Scotannaea. Efforts by the government at retaining control over the country were thwarted by internal rows after the Kingdom took the Republic of Kanjistan and incorporated it fully into the Viscountcy system prematurely after a rushed decision by the King, Dafydd Jones.


The Kingdom of Dafelonia dissolved and became part of the United Kingdom on August the 12th 2013 until the Federal Union of Greater Ridd declared independence from the UK on September the 1st the same year.